Featured: My Utopia Isn’t Imaginary

There are very few stories that have made me cry and this was one of them. She had my heart the moment she spoke about Twin Flames, a concept very close to my heart. 

My Utopia Isn’t Imaginary is a story told by Major Ankit Budhraja’s wife about their perfect life. But when has life been perfect? The moment you think you have found your happiness, life hits hard and it hits where it hurts the most. While I was listening to Mrs Anubhuti Budhraja, I prayed that this couple’s love remain whole forever; twin flames are not born to reunite, you know. They find you to make you grow through pain. I wish this story was different. I wish this wouldn’t have been utopia. 

Before I discovered this video on YouTube and shed a tear while I carefully listened to the last line of the story, I had not read or heard about Major Ankit Budhraja, the man who lost his life while saving his dog from the fire that spread in his house on that unfortunate night. After rescuing his wife and two dogs, he rushed inside the house to save their other dog who was trapped in the fire. He did not come out alive. You might have read about it in the news, I had not. 

Yes, it’s a tragedy. Yes, it’s traumatic. But still, I suggest you go and watch Mrs Budhraja tell the tale. Not for her loss, but for her love. The unconditional love that the couple shared, and the undying love that she carries in her heart, for the love that will never die an untimely death. Watch for the love that is so rare. 

And if you don’t know what Twin Flames are all about, just hear the lady speak and feel her love, feel her pain of separation, feel the strength she has found in a tragic loss, in wanting to turn his dreams into reality – that’s Twin Flames for you! 

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