Skater Girl Review: Adrenaline Rush of a Sports Film is Missing

The storyline of Skater Girl is good but the execution is weak. The storytelling is unnecessarily dragged. 

Pick any of your favourite sports films, what makes you like it? That it keeps you hooked and at some point, makes you fall in love with that particular sport? To be precise, the adrenaline rush. Sports films usually have a similar plot. It revolves around a sports person who struggles to follow his/her passion, mostly due to financial incapabilities. And then at the end, the person wins in a sports-related event which becomes a turning point for that person. Though the plots are similar, the adrenaline rush that you feel without playing the sport makes that film watchable.

For Skater Girl, I would say that exact adrenaline rush that makes sports films a hit was missing. It missed out many key aspects that a story like Skater Girl needs. Warmth, emotional connect, and speed are three major elements that, if present, could have saved the film. 

At places, it also reminded me of Mary Kom and Taare Zameen Par. Having said that, Skater Girl has its own flavour. But yes, there are parts that might make you travel back to some of your favourite films. 

To be honest, there is nothing much to say about this film. There are no highs or lows to discuss. Should you watch it then? If you are watching it with your family, then go ahead and watch it. It’s a good time pass but if you love sports drama and watching Skater Girl for the love of Sports, then there are better films out there. 

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