Aalas Motaapa Ghabraahat by Karunesh Talwar: Review

Karunesh Talwar never disappoints you, unless and until you are a sanskari launda (irrespective of your gender). 

So, Karunesh Talwar, after a long time, is back with a wonderful, 52-minutes long show, Aalas Motaapa Ghabraahat, on Prime Video. Should you watch it? Yes, I will tell you why. 

I was a bit upset yesterday, the entire day. Don’t ask me why. I have a corporate job. I hope that answers your question. So yes, I was a little upset yesterday. Though I had this show listed on my content calendar, I had completely forgotten about it. Thanks to my yesterday’s state of mind. But then, fortunately I opened Instagram and saw Karunesh’s post about his show. I needed a dose of laughter to freshen up (my mind). I put it up on TV and trust me, it helped. Especially when he spoke about the laziness being inherited. That was so relatable. I mean, no one learns laziness, they are either born with it or they are not. Blame it on the genes already. 

If the title of the show and my previous sentence about laziness makes you think that the entire show is about laziness or fat people, then you are wrong. It’s mostly about his parents. Reason? Karunesh has given a valid reason for not widening the scope of his jokes and limiting it to his own family. It’s none other than the increasing ‘moral’ sensitivity among people. Though the way he says it in his show makes us laugh, that is something we need to take seriously. Sit back and wonder what is wrong with the society and what corrective measures are needed to be taken to bring a comedian’s (performer’s) life back to normal. 

Moving on! There are some excellent mind-twisting punches in the show that make you trust Karunesh a little less afterwards. If you still haven’t watched the show, listen to his Daadi’s funeral story. That entire part actually – from proposal to daadi’s funeral. He is one of the craziest guys in the world of comedy and this part of his script proves it. 

When I started the show, I was relaxed thinking that for the next one hour, I don’t have to think about what to watch next. But as the show ended, I couldn’t believe that I had been watching it for 52-minutes. It felt like a 10-minute skit. It keeps you that engaged.

I would be lying if I say that there were no dull moments. There were but the way Karunesh handles it, even the punches that don’t make you laugh eventually brings a wide smile on your face. That is his USP. 

What makes this show watch-worthy? Karunesh’s usual style of delivering punches. Both he and Vaibhav Sethia are gifted comedians. They don’t just throw punches your way, they perform. They keep you engaged with their body language and expressions. Even if there is nothing funny in what they are saying, the way they say it makes you go ROFL. 

I wish Amazon Prime Video brings more of his shows (frequently, even one show every week would work) on the platform. 

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