Too Much Democracy Review: An Act of Bravery, A Slap on Many Faces

Hats off to you, Nakuul! Hats off to you for becoming the face of ‘Too Much Democracy,’ a heroic piece in true sense. Respect! 

Ajay Singh, your words are hope: hope that not all is lost, a hope that not everyone is dead. May you continue to touch hearts and move souls with your powerful words.

To the ones who have not watched this yet, as it’s released on Kommune, you might think of it as a poem, but it is not just a poem, it’s much more than that. It’s a fearless voice that may or may not rhyme at places, but that doesn’t take away its power. 

Too Much Democracy consists of 12 short pieces, I won’t call these poems, these are inner voices of many who are either quiet or have been silenced. It’s a heart-wrenching reality that has been put into words. 

These 12 short poems are not just eye-openers but also a tight slap on our faces. While some pieces narrate the unfortunate incidents and events that should have shook the entire human race but failed to do so; others talk about our spineless take on these incidents. Not just ours, but of many, especially the ones whom we count on, the ones who are supposed to be our voices. 

Then there are pieces that talk about hatred, and then there are poems that speak about silence. All will give you goosebumps. Some will leave you teary-eyed. Teary-eyed for the helpless beings that we have become, for the blindfolds on our eyes that we refuse to take off, for the intelligence that we fail to use, and for the questions we don’t want to ask – more importantly to ourselves than others.

From intelligent and powerful writing to impactful narration, you will have to listen to this piece, again and again, to unpeel different layers of it and also, to understand its depth. Speaking of depth, what added to the intensity is its MUSIC. From damru to chaos, the background score was just apt and effective. Excellent job, Viveick Rajagopalan!

I won’t talk about what topics were covered as I want you to go watch this on YouTube and enjoy the poems as they unfold. Let the surprise element be intact. But to give you the gist of it, it’s 2020 in short.  

P.S.: I just hope they don’t run out of the democracy stock and take this down. 

Where to Watch? YouTube

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