Kunaal Roy Kapur: Give this Gentleman the BIG BREAK He Deserves

Some of the most versatile actors have fallen prey to the pandemic called, ‘Typecast,’ which has been a part of the industry for generations now. And I don’t see any vaccine coming for it anytime soon. It has only been killing careers, so why would anyone care? 

My heart jumps with joy and at the same time is pained whenever I see Kunaal Roy Kapur on screen. His presence means light-heartedness, laughter, and SINCERITY. Take Pranav from Tripling, Arghya from Bandish Bandits, Sameer Shastry from Sandwiched Forever, or Milan from Tribhanga, the moment you see Kunaal Roy Kapur, you know what to expect from the character. That’s the fun and the sad part of it. 

The only brutality an actor can face is being typecast. That is as close as you can get to not let him be an actor. The very first reason why someone wants to be an actor is for the different roles he gets to play, for a vast variety of people he gets to be in one lifetime – from a millionaire to a beggar, from absolute white to absolute black shades of being a human. I can’t even imagine what these actors might be going through when they are being told all your next projects will be a comedy because you are good at it, or tragic because you make the audience cry really well. It’s no different than being caged, is it?   

Kunaal Roy Kapur has been in the industry for quite some time now but I love him since the first time I saw him in Tripling. More for his comic timing and all those weird expressions that he had mastered in the series. I then waited for Pranav in part 2 but unfortunately, his role was short. I then saw him next in Bandish Bandits and wondered why is this guy being wasted? His roles are great, I agree. Even though short, it’s his presence that makes those roles count. I agree! But did you guys see him in Tribhanga? If that character wouldn’t have had that comedy touch to it, both, Kunaal Roy Kapur and Milan had so much to offer to the audience. 

I believe that if given a chance, this guy can magically transform characters on screen. I am sure if Milan would have been a serious guy, Kunaal would have gotten a chance to unpeel many layers of this character. And I am sure he would have done a fab job. Apart from that, it would have given the film an extra depth that it so needed when it came to Kajol’s character and also, some of the twists and turns in the story.

It’s a request to both the industries, OTT and Bollywood, let actors be actors. Don’t clip their wings. Don’t tell them how high they can fly just because you cannot see beyond the horizon. Be a little more brave when it comes to creativity. Don’t be afraid to explore.

Next time make sure you write a special role for this versatile actor. He will surely not disappoint you, and in turn, you won’t disappoint the audience. Since all of you are in the creative field, be creative and experiment with people as well. Let actors be actors. Let the day not come where people start saying that the Indian film industry is not the right place for ‘Actors.’ 

Retain Talent. Stop TYPECASTING. 

Dear Kunaal, though I don’t want you to give up comedy, I also want the world to see what a bright, shining star you are.

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