Baykola Hava Tari Kay Review

Since Baykola HavaTari Kay web series is directed by Priyadarshan Jadhav, I would call it a complete ‘TIMEPASS.’ It’s an entertainer, especially for the Marathi audience. When it comes to the Marathi web series domain, we miss comedy; not just comedy but typical Marathi comedy. Other than BhaDiPa, not many have managed to bring the type of content that the Marathi industry is famous for to digital. 

What kind of “typical Marathi content” I am talking about? The ‘sit back and relax’ kind of content. The content where you do not have to use your brain but simply enjoy what’s unfolding in front of you. At the end, just laugh and forget the woes and worries of life. Baykola hava tari kay belongs to that typical Marathi comedy category. 

What’s the storyline? Shreya Bugde, who is unhappy with her husband, requests Lord Krishna to change him. When Lord Krishna tells her that changing the husband isn’t possible, she modifies her request and asks for an “upgrade.” The wish gets granted. 

Now the important question is, ‘Is Shreya satisfied with the upgraded version?’ The answer is, ‘NO.’ Here is where the drama starts. Shreya keeps requesting Lord Krishna for yet another upgrade and he keeps granting it. What unfolds when no version of husband makes a wife happy is fun to watch. 

Apart from an interesting plot, Aniket Vishwasrao is another reason why you should watch Baykola hava tari kay. He is the show’s strongest pillar. The way he has owned every character is remarkable. I think the credit for his performance should also go to Priyadarshan Jadhav as well, as you could literally see him in Aniket Vishwasrao’s mannerisms. The way he spoke and behaved resembled Priyadarshan Jadhav. In a few scenes, I kept wondering Aniket is reminding me of whom and then I realised, he was simply being another Priyadarshan. By saying that, I do mean that Aniket Vishwasrao has imitated his director or has brought nothing of his own to the characters he has played. If he could bring all of those “upgraded versions” to life, it’s because of his effortless portrayal of each of them. 

Kudos to the writers for an outstanding and hilarious ending. It made me want to demand a Season 2 of the series. But the way it was ended, it looks like Season 2 is already on the cards. I hope it is. Fingers crossed. 

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