Uss Din Review

Uss Din is a visual thought. Thought? Yes, this entire 12 minutes short film is just one thought which is beautifully elaborated to explain it to the audience with the help of a few scenes. 

Confused? Then go watch Uss Din on YouTube to understand what I am trying to say here. Watching it will better explain how a short film can be made on a single thought that pops into almost everyone’s mind these days. When you see the crowd go berserk, you might have also found yourself quietly telling others that ‘kuch nahi tha.’ 

If you are still confused, here’s what Uss Din is all about:

It’s about the crazy times we are living in. A world where people aren’t thinking twice, to be precise, let’s say, people aren’t thinking even once before killing each other. Surprisingly, everyone has a reason. Is that reason valid is another question altogether. The film very well tells you that no matter what your excuse is, the reason to a large extent is our own insanity and inability to see, think through, and judge situations correctly. 

What’s impressive about Uss Din? Even before you relate it with today’s times, you know that what’s happening in the film is wrong. And then when it brings you back to your senses, you are left with no other option but to sit back and think about what’s happening around keeping your stubborn ‘I am right’ attitude aside. 

A big round of applause to Vikram Gupta for conceptualizing, writing, and then finally executing such a sensitive topic in such a smart way. If it would have gone slightly wrong, it could have given people another reason to demand a BOYCOTT, burn effigies, break out riots, and what not? 

All that for a 12-minute film on YouTube? With the kind of craziness going on in the world, anything is possible.

I am glad that people like Vikram Gupta exist in times like these to give us masterpieces like Uss Din which are no less than a hope that someone somewhere someday will come across this film and put the weapon down to think about who he is killing and why, and if all of it is worth it. 

Kudos to the entire team of Uss Din for exceptional work. 

Where to Watch? YouTube


  1. As a filmmaker, most stories come from an impulse. All your knowledge and experiences regarding that subject firing off a single impulse that then makes the entire film happen. Good case, people will understand the film. Absolute best case, someone will understand the impulse that might have lead to the films creation. That’s true for this review. It’s humbling to know someone saw your work, not just the visible parts, but down to the marrow. Thank you Shreya.

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