The Neighbor’s Window Review

What’s beautiful about The Neighbor’s Window? It’s end. Because it changes the way you look at life – FOREVER! And then the whole story makes sense – BACKWARDS! 

Before writing this review, I watched this short film once again. I watched it last year the first time and ever since then I have been thinking of introducing this gem of a film to you guys. Unfortunately, it got pushed. 

Though late, I am still happy that I found this film and today, finally, I am recommending it to you. 

So, what’s The Neighbor’s Window about? It’s a story of a woman who is frustrated with her hectic life, especially the routine. With 3 kids, a house, and work to manage, her frustration seems very obvious and also relatable. She becomes crankier when she sees a young couple in the opposite apartment make love and party all the time. To cut it short, she becomes unhappier with her life.

Thereon, her only respite is the couple in the opposite apartment and their happy life. She becomes obsessed with them and starts staring into their apartment all the time. What happens next not just breaks your heart but also opens your eyes. 

If you are frustrated with your life, The Neighbor’s Window is a must-watch. This 20-minute film has the power to change your perspective towards life almost immediately. It very well captures the sad truth of life. The truth that how easily you get frustrated with life when you have everything. You realize the true value of it, especially the blessings you forget to count and the blessings you often overlook when you start losing everything – sometimes one by one and at times, all at once. 

The most important life lesson that The Neighbor’s Window reiterates is – 

If you ever start hating your life, you should go find someone less fortunate than yourself. 

Before you go watch this film, here are two facts about it:

  1. The Neighbor’s Window is Academy Award Winner
  2. It’s inspired by a true story

Where to Watch? YouTube

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