Mother’s Day Special: Everything is Fine

Even if you don’t watch it with your mother, watch it for your mother. Everything is Fine is almost every mother’s story, though the plot might vary from person to person. What I loved the most about this short film is its no-nonsense approach. Neither the mother’s sacrifices nor her emotional turbulence is dramatized.

Mothers give so much of themselves to their families that at one point, they just lose themselves. They can’t figure out who they are anymore. Most of us, if we ask our mothers about their favourite dish or shopping destination or colour, the favourites wouldn’t be their favourites. She might be loving chhole bhature because her elder daughter loves Maa ke haath ke chhole. Her favourite shopping destination might be a mall because that’s where she spends most of her time with her younger daughter. Her favourite colour might be green because her husband’s first gift to her might have been a green saree. Why green? Because it is his favourite colour and he thought that his wife would look pretty in the colour. She often forgets that apart from being a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Daughter-In-Law, she is an individual with her own needs, desires, and aspirations.

Everything is Fine is every woman’s story who is sulking inside. Who has lost not just her self respect in the process, but also self-identity. Who doesn’t recognize her anymore and when she tries to find herself, she finds no support, not even from the woman she considers her best friend, her daughter. 

Mothers are the daughters’ first best friend. Not just the best friend, but she is also your first friend. Without her, you wouldn’t probably even know what a friend means. But the question is, can you be her best friend and be there for her when she needs you? 

There is this scene in Everything is Fine where Seema Pahwa is seen breaking down on the terrace and when she sees her daughter, she requests her to let her stay with her as she couldn’t continue living the way she has been. The scene has been so wonderfully performed by Seema Pahwa. It gives you goosebumps. The emotions that she has put forth – of breaking down, recollecting herself, and then breaking down again while being one’s only support. The way, in the single scene, she puts all the trust in her daughter and then takes it back the moment she realizes that she has to fight this battle alone. It was phenomenal. That entire scene was heart-wrenching. It makes you question if you really know your mother well; if you can see through her facade.

Seema Pahwa is undoubtedly a wonderful actress. But if I have to remember her and her work, this is the scene I will remember her forever for. 

Here’s a glimpse of that scene for you so that when you watch it, you know what I am talking about:

Image Credit: LargeShortFilms

The end again has been put together wonderfully. Even if you stop being your mom’s friend, she will still keep seeking her best friend in you, until she finds her back. Even if you take a step back, she will extend her hand so that you can hold it whenever you want to. 

Takeway: Though the protagonist is a female and the story is women-centric, there is a lesson for everyone here, irrespective of your gender. Be independent – emotionally and financially. Someday you might wake up and realise that you are the only person you can count on. And then, the life-long sacrifices you made for your friends or family will not matter as they won’t help you survive. 

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