Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies

It’s a stand-up comedy you should watch with your family. In the world where most of the comedians are either making their audience laugh by roasting, abusing or hurling insults/cuss words, Amit Tandon’s Family Tandoncies brings your faith back in ‘decent’ comedy. It’s a sheer joy to watch this man perform. There are rarely stand-up performances out there that, in an hour’s show, make you laugh for straight one hour. There are always dull moments here and there. Fortunately, the same cannot be said for Amit Tandon. 

Does that mean it was hilarious? No. Does it make you go ROFL? No. Does that mean it is not funny? It is!

I will tell you why you might not laugh hard at his jokes. Because he might have just cracked a joke on your parents (and they may be sitting right beside you) and then, on you (your parents might definitely not care about your presence before they laugh hard though). 

The jokes in the entire show are relatable. Doesn’t matter if you are married or single, whether you have kids or not, the entire show is still relatable. It is about you and your spouse, (if you are single) it is about your Mom and Dad, and also about you and your sibling. And if you are married, phir toh kehne hi kya? You will enjoy the ride more than anyone else.

What I liked the most about Amit Tandon’s Family Tandoncies? I could watch it with my Mother. Stand-up performances, these days, though are excellent but make you uncomfortable, at times, especially when you are watching them with your parents, or kids. This is one of those rare shows which can be played on the television for the family while having dinner. This is not a show which you would want to watch alone in the bedroom while having some me time. And even if you do, I am sure you will soon play it in your living room for the entire family to enjoy.

I am a big fan of Vaibhav Sethia, his style of speaking, mannerisms, everything. Ever since I have seen him perform, it has become difficult for me to like any other stand-up performance. I can like, sometimes even love their jokes but still miss Vaibhav Sethia’s laid-back, lazy, chillaxed attitude. As I played Family Tandoncies on TV, I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it much for the obvious reason. Fortunately, I was wrong. Amit Tandon’s style of speaking, mannerisms, language – it is all about decency. It’s all about being, ‘the family man.’

This is the first time I have watched Amit Tandon’s performance. What next? I am going to watch all his shows – Netflix, YouTube, wherever available. I recommend you to do the same. Go watch Amit Tandon’s Family Tandoncies NOW.  

Where to Watch? Netflix

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