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Guys, if you are planning to visit Japan or move to the country for a job or further studies, then you should without any delay, subscribe to Rom Rom Ji. This channel is run by Pawan Lohomord, an Indian living in Japan.

His vlogs will help you understand the Japanese culture – from how different their day to day life is from to how different is their corporate culture from ours. I remember him telling in one of his videos that in Japan, people don’t leave their offices just because it’s time to. People wait for someone else to get up and leave first. And if the boss is still in the office, employees simply don’t leave the workplace, no matter what time it is.

He had also mentioned that, in Japan, you cannot sit idle on the job. If you have completed your task, you should check with other departments if they need any help, but you shouldn’t sit without work. This can also mean cleaning the toilets if no other work is available. To understand how religiously and strictly this is followed, you might have to actually speak to Pawan.

Apart from that, in his videos, he also shows how the Japanese celebrate different festivals like Christmas and Halloween. The best part is, he also teaches basic Japanese language on his channel, Rom Rom Ji. Till now, he has covered Japanese months, weeks, numbers, time, and other words. Other than that, he also takes you to places, from Indian restaurants to Universal Studios.

The best part about seeing Japan through Pawan Lohomord’s eyes is that here you get Indian perspective of how things are. His videos will mentally prepare you to adapt to a culture that is totally different from ours. He will only recommend you places that we, as Indians, would enjoy going to. The market he recommends might be the only ones that where we Indians can shop without having to worry about spending too much. In short, in Japan, for us, ‘Indian Perspective’ will matter, and this is what you get on Rom Rom Ji.

I can’t end this blog without mentioning his cute Japanese female friend who features in most of his videos. I loved how she sat down with her friends for Laxmi Puja in his Diwali vlog. Her Hindi, her trying of Indian food (even if it means eating green chillies) – everything is super cute. It’s her graceful acceptance of other people’s religion and culture that makes her so special. The world needs more people like her.

Subscribers: 191K and counting

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