Gadhedo Review

Large Short Films’ Laddoo is my all-time favorite short film. And now Gadhedo is another Large Short Films’ movie that I have loved. If you ask me, ‘what’s the story?,’ I wouldn’t be able to tell you. The fun is in watching it.

Vikrant Massey, as always, is a treat to watch. I wanted to say that watch it just for him but then there was a surprise element in the film. And not mentioning her would be so not fair. So guys, watch Gadhedo for Vikrant Massey, and his wife in the film, Trupti Khamkar. You will hardly see her in the film, in a scene or two, but her presence cracks you up. The scene where she hits the chaprasi – this scene was hilarious. Acting, though was an integral part of it, we cannot not mention the way it has been directed. 

Let’s come back to Vikrant Massey, this man is something else. Whenever I have reviewed his series, I have most of the time spoken about his body language, especially in the Criminal Justice Review. He becomes the character mainly by changing his body language, and he does it so effortlessly. He is no different in Gadhedo. Watch this scene where he is shown bringing a cup of tea for Maatsa. That (cat)walk was amazing. 

What makes a film like Gadhedo entertaining? It’s direction. I have always said that directing complex stories is simple but directing a story that has absolutely no complexity is a difficult job. 

But yes, watch it only for entertainment purpose because I couldn’t decode any hidden message. If you find the ‘moral of the story,’ please do share it with me in the comments section below. 

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