Sab Cheezo Ka Mol Bhav Hota Hai by Chanda and Jyoti: Review

If you read the introduction of Ramneek Singh’s Hawa Mubarak review, you would know how much I love UnErase poetry and the content they create. 

Unfortunately, I did not like their latest piece, ‘Sab Cheezo Ka Mol Bhav Hota Hai.’ 

What did I not like? Everything. Neither the content nor the tone in which it is narrated. It isn’t rhythmic. It is annoying. Coming to the body language of the girls, you could find Ananya Johar, Simar Singh, and other known poets in them. Now again, when Ananya Johar makes some hand movements or when her voice quivers, it suits her age and content. When you see her reflection or other poets’ reflections in those kids, you may not like it, I personally didn’t. What looks natural on other performers looked very fake and scripted when it came to these kids. 

I also felt that at some points there was unnecessary darkness. For example, gubbaro mein hava bechi jaati hai. No one sells air to you in balloons. The balloons are blown with the help of air. There’s a difference. If they would have sold air to you by packing it in the ballons, you would have later used that air – to breathe maybe, like oxygen? It would have been of some use to you. 

The credits below the video say that the content is not just performed but also written by the two girls. At this age, they have done a fabulous job. But it also worries me. What content are we feeding our kids? If at this age, where they should be loving balloons, they see it as air being sold to us, and not appreciate the beauty of those colourful balloons, I think we immediately need to start working on the way this world functions. We shouldn’t let kids grow up in the world that has nothing but darkness to offer. We should start working on lighting up their lives. We should start feeding them positivity and planting good thoughts in their minds. 

If they grow up with the darkness, we would lose the slightest hope left within us that someday, someday the light will overpower the darkness. 

Not just while writing this review, whenever I will think that this piece of work was created by kids, it will not make me proud; it will disturb me.

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