U Turn Review

Episode 01

U Turn is Rajshri Marathi’s first web series. And I must say, they are doing a good job. I like watching shows that are pure entertainment but yet before you know, you are involved. 

The first episode opened with the couple, Aditya and Mukta’s divorce proceedings. Omprakash Shinde is natural. In the first episode, he has effortlessly portrayed the character of Aditya, while giving it a personal touch. If you have seen his videos on Instagram, you would know why I am saying ‘a personal touch.’ 

To be very honest, I am not a fan of Sayali Sanjeev. The first and last I saw her was in Zee Marathi’s ‘Kahe Diya Pardes.’ From that serial to this web series, she has improved, how much, only the next episodes would tell. I loved the ‘badamacha sheera’ scene where just the mention it makes her restless. It’s beautifully done with just the right amount of ingredients. Scenes like these tell you that even if you want to convey an important message, you do not always need to do it with heavy dialogues and emotional scenes. That one particular scene was enough to tell you that, though at one point, things went so wrong between the couple that they couldn’t stand each other and eventually thought of separation, all is not lost – the love has not ended.

We, at times, take each other for granted which becomes the only reason why we give more importance to our egos and ourselves than the love between us. But when the relationship is about to end or when we are about to part ways, we realise that we don’t want it to end. 

And there begins a new beginning. 

I want the story to unfold and end with ‘and they lived happily ever after,’ with a lesson for every couple out there. 

Episode 2

Episode 2 did not live up to the expectations. It looks like the makers have a basic storyline in mind – Start from divorce, then fight-fight-fight, then resolution followed by a happy ending. The script is just being followed, dialogue to dialogue and frame to frame, without giving it a human touch. A good script cannot make a good show if the direction is weak. But a weak script can still give you a good show if the direction and implementation are powerful. 

The only good pint here is, the show isn’t boring. You do not feel that you wasted your 15 minutes. In fact, now I feel that if do not expect anything out of it and watch it only for entertainment, it would be a good time pass. Since the episodes are only 15-minutes long, we cannot judge the entire show based on just a part of it. So, let’s wait for the 3rd episode and see how the story unfolds.

Episodes 3, 4 and Finale

Thank God they winded up this series in just 5 episodes. It was unbearable and senseless. I wanted this blog to be an episodic review since they released episodes only on Tuesdays, but after 2nd episode, all I could manage was, ‘BULLSHIT.’ I simply couldn’t write anything else.

There have been movies on how two people who haven’t fallen out of love decide to separate because of constant arguments and disagreements and then reunite at the end. Though cliche, such stories do have an audience. All you need to do is weave the story in a way which interests the audience. If your storytelling is weak, you won’t have audience. Why? You do not have ‘curiosity factor’ to your advantage.

The story was exactly what I predicted it to be in the very first episode. But the way it was told was pathetic. The fights made no sense. At one point, I felt as if they are not telling us what the issues between the couple are because, ‘IT’S PERSONAL.’ It’s their life and we need to know nothing about it.

In short, do not waste your valuable time on this web series.

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