Love Diaries by Mehak Mirza Prabhu

I recently watched Mahek Mirza Prabhu’s Love Diaries. I loved the way she has compared a relationship to a diary. It took me a hell lot of time to understand that she is not talking about a   between two people but a relationship between a person and his/her diary.

I agree with the conditions she put down and how when in a relationship, two people need to be each other’s diaries. For a healthy relationship, you need to keep the secrets and just let the person be, not judge him and have no expectations, whatsoever. Relationships sustain purely on love, and hence one should enter only when ready to give up on all the fantasies they have and the dreams they have woven. One needs to understand that love is not always hunky-dory, it comes with a fair share of ups and downs.

The most difficult part of it all is, when the time is up, you also need to let it go. With all the sacrifices you have done, with all the good times you have spent together, with all the pain you have swallowed, yet smiled – everything; everything needs to go. When the time is due, you cannot hold on to even the most precious person in your life. I simply loved the content.

All I felt is that the narration style could have been more effective if it would have been less dramatic. The message that had the power to touch the heart and become a life-lesson for today’s Tinder generation simply remained a performance.  

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