Backfoot – Father’s Day Special Video

Dice Media released this video, Backfoot, on 14th June as Father’s Day Special.  It’s a 7-minute long video, which though, is a Father’s Day Special, can be watched anytime when you are feeling low in life, especially the working class.

The story starts with a son and father taking a walk at night. The father knows that something is bothering his son and tries to strike a conversation, just to understand what is bothering him.

What unfolds later makes it worth a watch. How the father describes his friend, their cricket days, memories of good times, and his fighter friend who never gave up, come what may. What I liked about Backfoot is how they kept the father-son relationship realistic in it. No hugs or overflowing emotions simply because it’s a Father’s Day special video.

Fathers have always been silent supporters in children’s life – the unsung heroes. This video captures that exact essence. They do not sit back worrying about how to make you feel better. They simply give you the best advice which helps you tackle every problem in life head on and feel better only by dealing with it, not escaping it.

The last line is advice that most of us must be needing to hear right now – a piece of advice that your father must have also given you when you thought there is no fight left in you.


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