Baluta Marathi Short Film Review

Baluta is based on the true story of a woman who took up her husband’ profession after his death to make ends meet. This story is not of recent times. It’s a 40-year-old story. Even today, some professions are entirely male-dominated. Not even women think of taking up those professions.

What Shantabai Yadav did 40 years back is not just appreciable but also remarkable. Thinking of suicide at one point, this female did not give up on life as she had kids to look after. Her persistence and devotion towards earning with respect, come what may, finally paid off.

What’s more impressive is the fight she put up to earn with respect. Simply because she is a woman, she did not give up on her husband’s work and handed it over to his brother, because he is a man (and him taking over the business was more acceptable to the society). There is one scene in the film where the Sarpanch calls Shantabai to order her to stop doing what she is doing. That scene defines women and their strength. We can fight evil and stand by what we believe in, against all odds.

What was the source of the family’s income? Did Shantabai manage to successfully take over her husband’s work, despite being a woman? For answers, watch Baluta now.

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