Mom & Co. Review: Part 2

I wrote the first part of the review after watching the first 4 episodes of the web series. The show didn’t impress. The emotions, instances, and Marathi – everything looked forced. Since judging it by watching only 4 episodes did not seem fair, I decided to watch all the episodes, no matter how boring or senseless they seemed.

All the episodes were equally annoying. To every single person working in a corporate world, here’s a question for you:

If you are given the responsibility to choose a catering service for your company where the food will be eaten by hundreds of people, on what basis will you select the service? What will be the criteria? The hygiene? Taste? Quality of food? How and where it is made? The team size?

What happens in Mom & Co.? The mother-son duo ends up giving a speech to the selection team about how the tiffin service business made their relationship stronger. Really? How does it matter? If you are on the selection panel and if you say yes to the catering company based on some nonsensical, emotional speech they just delivered and if, by any chance, your team falls sick after eating that food, dude, you might lose your job or even get sued. I guess that is why the makers did not take the risk of telling the audience whether Mom & Co. got the order.

Honestly, the show was over-dramatic for no reason. The fights between Suhasini and Aditya did not make sense. Like their Marathi accent, their fights too looked forced. When Sudhir was invited for the birthday party, I am still clueless why Suhasini behaved like she was in a clandestine affair with the guy and as if her son has caught her red-handed. And if they were just friends, why did she hide it from her son or anyone else?

In short, as mentioned in the first review, Mom & Co. could have been a great show which, unfortunately, turned out to be highly disappointing.

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