Girl Crush – Sheena Khalid: Review

I watched Girl Crush because it constantly popped on my YouTube. After watching the video, I scrolled down to the comments section, it looks like people are loving it. Then I shared it with a good friend of mine and asked her what does she think of it. She liked it too.

And then we had a discussion over why she liked it and why I didn’t like it. She believes that the story was all about a person, ‘any’ person who holds a special place in your life and how the story speaks about the narrator not being very convinced about her male friends still having feelings for their first love, but then, at the end, when she feels the same, she is convinced that some people can stay forever in your heart.

Now, this summary sounds great to me but honestly, I did not feel that the same reflected in Sheena Khalid’s narration. To me, it felt like you are judging other two guys simply because they have feelings for their first love even after years of separation, but when you feel butterflies in your stomach just at the thought of meeting your ‘girl crush’ after years, it’s okay.

The story, to me, is a little twisted. If you are talking about people who remain special forever, it should not have been compared to the girl’s male friends’ first love. Why?

  1. There is a difference between love and friendship
  2. There is a difference between crush and friendship
  3. There is a difference between crush and love

This story falls into all the above categories where the feelings for the girl crush are a little mixed – they sometimes sound romantic, sometimes sound like friendship, but are put forth as a ‘crush.’ This bends a little towards ‘lesbian love.’ There is a fine line between a girl crush and having romantic feelings towards a girl. And if it was a mere crush, I repeat, it shouldn’t have compared with only the romantic love.  I would have loved it if the story would have been more clear and not perplexed.

When it comes to storytelling, there are outstanding stories out there on the Internet. The stories that make you laugh, the stories that make you cry, the stories that make you cringe, the stories that make you kill, and the stories that make you think. This story, for me, did not fit into any of these categories though it had the potential of turning into a piece that subtly opens the box of memories for you, taking you down the bitter-sweet memory lane, and then leaving behind a piece of it with you, forever. Somewhere, it missed to bring along the exact emotion it was talking about all the while.

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