Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 2 Review – Part 3

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai is like that favourite book of yours which whenever you feel that yes, this is my favourite twist, tell me what next, when your reading speed doubles but to your dismay, you realise that you are reading the third or the second last page of the book and the story is ending soon.

This is exactly what I felt while watching the 29th March episode. I had this gut feeling that season 2 is nearing its end and this is exactly what happened. The season finale is announced. Damn!

Anyway, this is way better than the never-ending saas-bahu dramas. Now, the million dollar question here is, when the season finale is here, why am I writing a review before the last episode is released?. Because I simply loved the episode and how the tables are turning.

The wife is now the other woman and the other woman is now the wife who is along with her own career trying to look after her husband’s children, being friends with them, sorting out their issues, trying to be supportive during the financial crisis, and what is her husband doing? He feels that the wife has no time for him. To top it all, feeling guilty for his ex-wife’s loneliness, he goes out of the way to comfort her and ends up sleeping with her.

Though this is what the episode’s story was, it has once again managed to capture the perplexed human emotions beautifully. The characters are so well-crafted that you can feel their attachment towards each other and instead of blaming or hating them, you end up questioning the human mind and heart.

The episode also made me think whether love is enough for a relationship to sustain. If yes, then why did Rohit fall for Ananya? And if what he felt for Ananya was true love that he was looking for all his life and not just the companionship that he got from Poonam, then why does he miss his ex-wife during the lows of his life? Why does he feel more comfortable talking to her than the ‘love’ of his life?

This is what we can Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai Season 2 teaches us. When you start taking love for granted, the human heart, like a magnet, gets attracted to another human being who makes him/her feel special. Only love is not enough, not for the relationship to last forever. You need compassion, understanding, patience, and tolerance; garnished with love.

Where Poonam let go her love when she found out that Rohit’s happiness lies somewhere else, kept her envy and anger for Ananya aside, became friends with her husband’s second wife, it is interesting to see how Ananya will react to her husband sleeping with the other woman he once loved. Will she be able to accept the other woman in her husband’s life just the way she was accepted by Poonam and her family? Or will she call it quits?

Though I am eagerly waiting for the next episode to release, why do I feel that just like our favourite book, we aren’t going to get answers to all our questions even on the last page? We will be left with no other option than to wait for the book’s third part? Or will we?

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