Stories On The Next Page Review: This Short Film Beautifully Untangles The Most Complicated Emotional Knots With One Honest Conversation

The beauty of Stories On The Next Page short film is that the emotional baggage of the past is cleared and hearts are healed only by having one open conversation. 

This 30 minute film tells 3 stories. My favourite among them is the second one, Reunion. As we rarely come across stories that revolve around two men and their emotional complexities. And also, what transpired between them in the past. This episode speaks about how ragging in the college days changes the entire course of a guy’s life and how after years, he confronts the senior who did wrong to him. While the ragging of other college students lasted for 12 hours, this particular guy was bullied for 6 months after which he decided to quit the college. After the two reunite in the same college, whether he gets an apology he deserves is interesting to watch. 

The opening story, Balloo and Mowgli, talks about how a Mother’s confession before her death has changed the two siblings’ lives forever. While the brother is trying to save the relationship by being calm and composed, the sister is devastated and fails to understand how to process this newly found piece of information. Do they part ways? Or does sibling love triumph over the odds? 

The last story, Sunshower is about a lesbian couple who parted ways 27 years ago. Gay and lesbian relationships are in the open now. Society is still not completely accepting of these couples. Just imagine what might have been the scenario when our parents were young. Did they have any other option than to pretend to be straight even if they were homosexual? In a country where honour killing still exists, would the society have let the lesbian couples live back then? Fortunately, times have changed and this sweet reunion story brings a new hope in every separated gay couple’s life.

Kudos to the entire team, especially the writer and director, Brinda Mitra and her co-writer, Senjuti Mahato for conceptualising and successfully executing such a wonderful concept in just 30 minutes. 

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