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I loved Axone. To be very honest, this ‘love’ part comes only at the end. In between, I thought that the film has been dragged or the grip on the plot has loosened. It wasn’t dragged or lost but the pace slowed down right after the exact middle of the film (just for sometime though). But that doesn’t make Axone lose its essence. 

If you have watched the trailer, you must be knowing what Axone is all about. For the ones who haven’t, the trailer is right at the end of this article. Watch it now! Why am I asking you guys to watch the trailer first? Because that is what convinced me to watch Axone.

Another reason why I decided to watch Axone was the Northeast culture. I have always been curious about the culture – the food, lifestyle, language, traditions, absolutely everything. And I don’t know why but I absolutely am in awe of this part of India, its beauty and its culture. 

As I watched the trailer, while I was excited to watch a film that would tell me a little more about the Northeast culture and life; on the other hand, I was also worried that the movie might turn out depressing in case it focuses only on discrimination and racism.

But that is what is best about Axone. Though the film tells you the story of the problems Northeast Indians face in Delhi or generally, out of their own state; it spoke about the ‘mentality’ on the whole and not just one section of the society not treating another section of the society well. Where it also has Shiv supporting and helping the friends cook Akhuni for their friend’s wedding and actively participating in the wedding, trying to understand the culture; there is also Minam in the group, who may or may not like Upasana much as she doesn’t belong to the same community, even when Upasana considers Minam her best friend.

Then again there is Bendang who is mentally and emotionally suffering due to a brutal attack he had faced for raising his voice against bullying in Delhi. That incident breaks him so badly that he doesn’t even speak up for his girlfriend when she is being eve-teased. When she speaks up and people gather, Bendang denies hearing any vulgar comments passed by the harassers. This adds to the couple’s suffering and Bendang just disappears. No one knows where he has gone.

Then there is Chambi who breaks down and undergoes a panic attack after she gets slapped on the road for raising her voice against eve-teasing (and her boyfriend denying that anything wrong has happened with her). 

To be very honest, on the surface, Axone might look like a film that focuses on the problems Northeast Indians face in India but it is much more than that. If you take a close look at each of the characters mentioned above, you will realise that each character talks about different “problematic mindsets.” The way we look at each other, treat each other just because we think they are not one of us, this is a deep-rooted problem in society. Why just talk about different looking people from different states? Ever noticed how people treat eunuchs? Ever noticed how people treat differently-abled people? Even kids are not spared. 

Unfair treatment on the basis of looks, language, culture, skin colour is a mental problem and we need to work on it together to make this world a better place for all of us. 

Axone brings all of these issues to the forefront in a very light, subtle way. The film sticks to entertaining you, doesn’t forcefully make you a part of any cause or tries to convince you to support or not support any community but yet makes you think about all that is wrong with the way this society functions. 

Let’s now speak about my favourite part of the film, THE PERFORMANCES! Every single person is excellent in the film. From the ones who come on the screen for a few minutes to the ones who have gotten full-fledged roles, each and every actor has done a fantastic job. Sayani Gupta, Lin Laishram, Merenla Imsong, and Tenzin Dalha are some people I would like to see getting more notable work in the future. Where we already see Sayani Gupta in films and web series, after watching Axone, I honestly felt that she hasn’t bagged the project of her calibre yet. For a while, I actually thought that she is from the Northeast which is why I Googled her. To my surprise, she is not from the Northeast. Sayani Gupta, if you ever read this article: Girl, you were amazing in the film. How I wish someone writes a script keeping just you and your potential in mind, a film that would give you a chance to shine and show the world how beautifully you have mastered the art and how well you know the craft.  

Lin Laishram was another actress who brilliantly carried the weight of the film on her shoulders. I really wish she too bags a project where we get to see her in the main lead. How excellently she has portrayed a character who is breaking down, is shattered and yet, at the same time, is extremely strong. The way she supports Bendang, manages all the activities of the day normally, yet is shocked to the level where at one point, normal functioning becomes a task for her is impressive. WHAT A FAB JOB, LIN LAISHRAM! Filmmakers, if you are listening, you have two extremely talented actresses here – Sayani Gupta and Lin Laishram.

How can I forget Lanuakum Ao? He deserves a special mention which is why I didn’t mention him earlier in the post. The way he breaks down, it breaks your heart. You start pitying him while growing extremely fond of him. At one point, I felt like I should actually sit with this guy and talk to him, help him let go of the bad memories and tell him to believe in the goodness of the world, once again. This might sound a little insane but trust me, he was that convincing. 

And yes, after reading this Axone review, if you thought that this is a sad film, I am really sorry for making you feel like that. Though these are the core issues, they are being delivered in a very light, humorous way. There is no brutality or gory shown in the film. You can absolutely watch it with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Go, watch it now. 

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