Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai Season 3 Review

I have just one message for the makers of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai Season 3 – you can’t eat everything with a fork and knife. I mean, ever tried eating dosa and sambar with a fork? What should be eaten with the hands, should be eaten with the hands. 

To be very honest, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai ended in Season 2, right before they forced Rohit and Poonam’s intimacy track into the series and onto the viewers. What we are getting now is an unnecessarily stretched, immature version of a very well-written, sorted, mature story. 

How do I put it? Let’s say that Balaji runs a restaurant where all the ingredients required for basic gravies are available, 24×7. Whenever someone places an order, they mix and match different veggies or meat in the same gravy and serve it to the customers in different packaging. The packaging is sometimes fancy, sometimes it comes with fungal infection. The food is sometimes edible, other times it can lead to food poisoning. I hope you are getting my point. No matter what subject Balaji has in hand, they simply give the same tadka to the dish, the tadka of broken relationships and infidelity. 

In Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 3, there was Broken But Beautiful, then there was Coldd Lassi and Chicken Masala in it; and then I also got a glimpse of Pakistani serial, Humsafar in it. And I am sure there were more previously seen stories in it which I might have not come across yet. 

What is Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 3 all about? You get all that you see in the trailer – Rohit who is busy having one-night stands with some animated characters, Poonam who is happily married but is carrying the baggage of her broken relationship with Rohit in her current relationship, and Ana who has turned brutally cold after Rohit cheated on her. While Rohit isn’t around, she still has Harry who is waiting for her to fall in love with him. In the meantime, he takes care of her son and helps her financially, pulls her out of difficult times every time she faces any obstacle – all with just one hope that someday she will love him back. More than someone who is in love, after one point, Harry starts looking like a cheapster who can do anything for a woman who is going through a rough phase in her life just so that she has no other option left than to run into his arms; so that under pressure, she says yes to him. If you have watched season 2, you will understand that this character isn’t an ideal man the way he is portrayed. He was always waiting for Ana to walk out of her happy marriage. 

When everything was already falling apart and going wrong for the series, I wonder why they needed an animated character like Amaira just to be sure that people not just dislike the show but hate it to the core. She was one of a kind namuna. I don’t usually cringe someone’s screen presence but sorry to say, that female, whenever she came on the screen, annoyed me. This animated character wasn’t enough that they also had a robot (Bani’s married boyfriend’s wife) that fortunately wasn’t given much screen space, at least not in the first 10 episodes. Does that mean more episodes are releasing soon? Looks like, because in the 10 episodes, they haven’t even covered half the story that Season 3 is supposed to be all about. And if they are planning to come with Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai Season 4, then guys be ready for a digital version of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. And if that happens, this is going to be my last review of the series. 

Speaking of the storyline, as mentioned above, it’s a mix of many shows you have already watched with common Balaji elements – infidelity, brokenness, cold hearts, and lots and lots of insanity. And yes, not to forget, it is a superbly badly edited show. The first few episodes are either edited in a haste, at the last moment, or by an amateur editor. Two scenes that I can clearly recollect now are that of crying. One is of Rohit crying and the second of Ana’s crying. In both the scenes even after the characters are not on the screen, their sulking voices can still be heard. If that was done purposely, those voices should still have been edited out because it was neither in the flow nor did it have the impact it should have had – of the haunting silence and the sulks. Then there is another scene where Rohit and Ana are engaged in an intense conversation. Where Ana is venting out her frustration, all we see on the screen is Rohit. It was either that Mona Singh had not shot the scene and lent her voice while dubbing for the show, or it is simply not edited well. There are many such goof-ups where detailing ki maa behen ek kar di hai. Like the opening scene where Mona Singh is seen jogging or the beach scene – the backgrounds look like the fake Switzerland (Dubai, in case of KKHH) some wannabes put in their pictures using Photshop. If you spot any such goof-ups, let me know in the comments below. 

What has drastically gone wrong in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 3? The unnecessary twists and turns and the mismanaged sub-plots. Almost 90% of what is shown in the series was unnecessary. If the makers could have strictly followed the main characters and their stories, it would still have been an interesting watch, though still stretched, but yet, bearable. Bani’s twisted tale could easily have been skipped. It doesn’t serve any real purpose. It in no way helps the story progress. Nikki’s wedding was again needless drama. Rohit’s one-night stands are…. I don’t even know what should I say about this addition to the story. Whoever thought about it, please note that it was absolutely childish. If you were associated with Season 1, you could have definitely done a better job. If you have just become a part of the show, you should have spoken to the team of Season 1. Know that one-night stands and infidelity is not the answer to every question. You can show brokenness in many beautiful ways. Brokenness and twisted relationships are real, but what is shown in this show, is unfortunately not even closer to reality. It was clearly fiction and born out of a twisted mind. 

On a parting note, whoever ruined this ‘once upon a time’ my favourite show, JANTA MAAF NAHI KAREGI. 

Where to Watch? Zee5 or ALT Balaji

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