Bhalla Calling Bhalla Review

I wonder why there is no shor in the city about Bhalla Calling Bhalla? First of all, hats off to the entire team for not just conceptualizing but having the guts to actually go ahead, make a series in the lockdown, and then have such a fine-looking, release-worthy end result. The best part about the series is its storyline. Since it talks about the lockdown and life in lockdown, it’s relatable. 

I won’t say that it is hilarious because honestly it is not. Funny? Yes, definitely. In a lockdown, when our heads are spinning and while some of us can’t even think straight right now owing to the worries of the future, the Bhalla Calling Bhalla team has done a fab job of giving us content that would at least for some time allow us to sit back and relax. 

I am not featuring it here because it is one of the best web series out there. No, because it is not.

It clearly is an attempt to create something worthwhile during these unprecedented times. I am sure that it is only due to the challenges unknown, the series is super short – 4 episodes, around 9 minutes each. The other challenge the team might have definitely faced is the time constraint. Soon, the lockdown will become the story of yesterday and these experiments will fail to entertain us in the near future. So, it was – conceptualise, write, film, edit, and deliver within a certain time frame. I am glad that the makers did not stretch it and allowed the cast and crew to look at the series as an ‘experiment,’ keeping it as short and as crisp as possible. While this could have looked like, we expected a lot from you but you delivered nothing, thanks to the actors and the storytellers, the super short episodes do not make the viewers cringe. It sure might have been a difficult task and you guys have nailed it. 

A big shoutout to all the actors, Lubna Salim, Rajesh Kumar, Leenesh Mattoo, Gaurav Gera, and Gracy Goswami for making this lockdown series a reality. Wonderful, or should I say, ‘believable’ performances by each and every one. Speaking of the performances, while I watched the series, there was only one person I thought about all the while – Gaurav Gera. The kind of videos he makes sitting at home for social media, this man can make an entire movie sitting at home. He is the only actor who might have found it insanely easy. I guess, anyone who wants to make a ‘sit at home’ film or web series, Gaurav Gera should be your go-to person. 

A big shout out to the writers, Sumrit Shahi and Durjoy Dutta as well for coming up with a story that’s relatable and entertaining at the same time. 

And I shouldn’t forget to mention the editor/s of Bhalla Calling Bhalla. Whoever’s edited the show, the person has undoubtedly done a fab job. The lockdown work has to be knitted very well. If the editing would have been weak, everyone’s efforts could have gone down the drain. 

Big applause to the entire cast and crew of Bhalla Calling Bhalla for taking up this lockdown challenge, executing it well, and coming out of it victorious. 

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