Queen Web Series Review

I never believed that a film or series should not be made or a book should not be written about a person who has passed away, but now I do. The reason is very simple. Because the person is not around to clarify things which give people the liberty to tell the tale from their perspective. Queen is one such story which should not have been made.

Though the makers claim that the web series is based on the book and deny any direct connection with the former CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha, it is undoubtedly her story.  

Moving on to the series, the episodes that narrate her childhood will keep you hooked. Not just because these episodes are written or directed well but because you are interested in knowing what this lady have been through in her childhood. Once the childhood part ends, the story loses its essence. As known names start coming in and becoming an important part of the story, it looks like the makers are too afraid to tell the story, as it is. There is confusion. There are efforts put in to not show anyone in a bad light, but still, they wanted to keep telling the story.  

I remember there was a scene where Shakti receives a letter from her first Director where he says that she should not blame her mother for everything. Why? Because even when Shakti could follow her dreams, she did not. She chose to be where she was, so she should not be upset about it. Since we do not know the real story, we shouldn’t be commenting about who is right and who is wrong but if the events in Jayalalitha’s life unfolded exactly the way they are shown in the web series, did the woman actually have any other choice? When a little girl was forced to join the film industry, she tried her best to continue her education once she completes the film, but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. When you not complete your education and take up something as a career, there is no going back once you grow up, especially when that profession becomes your only source of income. 

Since we do not know Jayalalitha personally, only what we saw and read about her in the media, we cannot comment on what kind of personality she was. But after going through what she had been in life, I am sure that she would have emerged as one of the strongest women of her time. The series doesn’t focus on her strength, or Jayalalitha as a person or not even on her life after becoming CM as much as it should have, which is highly disappointing. When it comes to her early days, we really do not know what kind of relationship she shared with people around her, including her mother and brother. Why show such things in a series, now that the person isn’t around to tell you that this is how it was or this is now how it was? 

If you Google some of the significant events of her life – the ones that are covered in Queen, you are left wondering whether the events/facts are twisted or if not told the way they actually happened. 

Amidst all the confusion, the only hope for this web series was performances. Unfortunately, that too didn’t work in their favour. The actors simply bore and confuse you further. 

And if we believe what the makers want us to believe that Queen is not about Jayalalitha, then it not even worth your time. 

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  1. Queen is one more biopic on a prominent personality or loosely inspired by her. After reading the review, I feel that makers take some creative liberty by mixing fact with fiction. I liked the first paragraph of this blog post. Since the person is no longer alive, it gives complete independence for web series makers or movie makers to tamper with facts. I am looking forward to see an upcoming biopic – Thalaivi based on the iron lady Jayalalitha.

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