Tripling Season 2 Review

The first episode was exciting and entertaining but unfortunately, the makers couldn’t keep up the pace. As the episodes unfolded, I missed Chanchal, Chitwan, and Chandan. It looked like the story doesn’t revolve around the characters anymore. This happens with most of the season twos. The storytellers, to expand the scope of the story, add more characters which eventually make it boring and slow paced. When King Alexander entered, there was this hope that now, just like season 1, the fun factor will return. When Rajit Kapoor was introduced, it seemed like the story will speed up. Though the actors played the characters so well, the speed at which the story progressed made it boring.

All the characters that were introduced in the Tripling 2 were interesting, especially Kubra Sait and Gajraj Rao. In the next season, it would be interesting to see if Ma Da Fa Ka music lover, Chitvan continues to have his happily ever after with a classical music lover, Sheetal Gujral.

While Tripling season 1 is a 5 episode series which you can watch again and again, with your friends, family, or alone; Tripling 2 is a one-time watch.

Also, not every time you hit the road, it becomes a road trip. Tripling 2, which was promoted as a road trip wasn’t one. If you are travelling with a dead body from North to South by car, will you call it a road trip? I don’t think so.

A special mention to Chilla, Nawab’s super cool servant. It was like Chitvan meeting his future self.

And yes, kudos to the makers for reiterating the fact that a film can never be better than the book.

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