Mom & Co. Review: Part 1

Mom & Co. – Only 4 episodes are out and they are highly disappointing.

The storyline is good but something is amiss. What is it? Why can’t it keep the audience hooked?

It doesn’t have the emotional connect that most of the family dramas on the Internet have these days. Have you watched Alt Balaji’s Home? I loved Supriya Pilgaonkar in it. She is the Mom that middle-class mothers would relate to and kids would connect with. I felt that this same ‘Mom’ factor is missing in the series titled, ‘MOM’ & Co.

The story began very well. This age is of acquisitions and layoffs. The series could easily have grabbed the attention of the generation dealing with this stress and frustration on a daily basis. It could have become their voice and how everyone deep down is looking to start something of their own. And the Mom could have been the support that middle-class kids working in corporates are looking for. The business idea could have been something all of us have been eagerly waiting to hit. If gone right, this could have been the ‘THIS IS IT’ for audiences.

The subject is great. It had the potential of going viral since acquisitions, layoffs, job hunts, and small business of your own is on every working professional’s mind these days.

What I disliked the most? Forced Marathi! If your actors can’t speak a particular language flawlessly, don’t force the language on them. It’s as simple as that; or have a cast that speaks the language well. I will again mention Home here. Supriya Pilgaonkar being Marathi, the casting for a Maharashtrian, middle-class Mom was perfect. The comparison comes up repeatedly because she too was running a home-based business, tiffin service to be specific. If you compare these two mothers, you will quickly understand why Mom & Co’s mother fails to strike a chord.

The scenes simply flow one after the other, the story doesn’t. There also doesn’t seem to be a connect between the mother and son. When the two main characters of the series, mom and son, don’t seem to have that warmth between them, the audience will never feel it.

Where to Watch? YouTube/TheZoomStudios


  1. Absolute shit review. I have seen 8 episodes and can safely say its by far one of the best shows on youtube. Just read the audience reviews on the episodes.

    1. Hi Roni Rylans, I am glad that you liked the show. For every content, may it be a web series, short film, or movie, the viewers will always be divided into two categories. I watched other episodes as well and I still feel the same about the show. Second part of the review will soon be up on the blog.

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