Love Again Review: This Is The Film Girls Would Want To Watch On Cozy Weekends And Dream About Finding Their Perfect Match

Love Again isn’t an excellent or extraordinary film. It’s just a regular love story where the backdrop is grief. But sometimes, we need movies like this – that take us to a world that is not ours. It’s not a fairy tale love story – it is realistic, and again, as I said, grief is a part of it. Yet, when Mira (Priyanka Chopra) finds a ray of hope in Rob, you long for those predictable happily-ever-after endings. And that is how some stories should end, on a high note, making you believe in love once again, making you want to fall in love again. That’s Love Again for you! 

The movie opens on a romantic note where Mira and her boyfriend John are seen as an ideal couple, who you wish, start their forever right away. But destiny had other plans. As we see John leave the screen, we hear a sound that tells us that John isn’t coming back. Mira and John’s story ends there, right in front of her eyes. And then, we see Mira struggling to get over him. She stops meeting people, she stops dating, and though she looks alright on the surface, she breaks down frequently. 

We also see Mira trying to cope with this grief by still sending messages to John on his cellphone. But now, it’s Rob who is using that number and receiving those messages. Slowly, Rob starts longing for Mira, he wants to see the girl and he does. When they meet, there is an instant connection between the two. Rob is the person she gets comfortable hanging out with. And that helps her step out of her comfort zone – her constant going back to John’s memories. Having said that, this doesn’t mean she stops loving John and falls in love with Rob immediately. Accepting him is still difficult for Mira. She is still battling her inner demons. Her world falls apart again when she gets to know that Rob did not come into her life accidentally, but he has been a part of his story since quite some time. The messages that she sends her dead fiance were received and read by this stranger. She feels deceived and walks away from him. It’s a happy ending so don’t worry, they don’t part ways. But how the ending unfolds is something you watch Love Again for. 

It’s a cute story that you can definitely watch on weekends while having your favourite pizza and sipping some cold beer. 

Love Again is your go-to movie night film. 

Streaming On: Netflix/Prime Video/YouTube

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