2027: Finding Eros Short Film Review: Liked The Idea And Concept, Not The Execution

Though 2027: Finding Eros takes us to a world we are yet to see, I think it’s relevant today as well. The film starts with a note where the audience are informed that this film is set in the future where war and disease has wiped out one-fourth of the population and people have lost their ability to love. The solution to all the emotional exhaustion is a drug called Eros. The film takes us on a journey where people are hugely dependent on this drug for their happiness but the drug, being high in demand, is way too expensive, and people – unemployed. 

What transpired next is unsettling. As I mentioned above, though this futuristic life is relevant today as well as wars and violence is happening everywhere. And yes, thanks to Covid, we have also seen a pandemic wiping out human beings in a blow. But the way Finding Eros is shot, with the lighting, colours, and locations used, you might not want to watch it till the end. Just a gist of what I am trying to tell with my own example – you might have noticed that recently, the number of posts on The Digital Popcorn have come down. Reason? Life has become hectic and the stress has gone up. This has nothing to do with my personal life but a lot to do with my work life, especially my corporate career. After a long, mentally exhausting day, when I come back home, I don’t want to see the same darkness on the screen that I have been fighting with, all day.  It’s like the demons resurrecting. 

When I want to take a break, I would watch something that would either divert me from my mental exhaustion and allow me to take a mental break or something that would give me a hope and tell me that fighting these demons is worth it because all’s well that ends well. This sounds a little cliche but that’s the truth. I am not saying that every film should be made with the same message but after an exhausting day, which of these films would you choose? Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish or Rajkumar Hirani’s Munna Bhai MBBS? Both had a message and a life-changing message. But when you speak of impact? Munnabhai did that well only because people did not mind sitting back and trying to understand Rajkumar Hirani’s message because it was delivered while entertaining them.

I have watched Saurabh Arora’s Pulse before 2027: Finding Eros and honestly, I loved the film. It was also dark, to an extent – difficult to watch after what we all went through, emotionally and mentally, during covid times but it’s presentation wasn’t dark. It asked you to get back to life once again and that, though painful, was a fact we all would want to accept so that we move on knowing that we are not alone in the journey. 

Having said that, this is my personal opinion and this might just be a film you would like to watch as you see the world’s nightmare coming to life. Do watch 2027: Finding Eros on YouTube and let me know in the comments what to think of it. 

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