Half Love Half Arranged Review: Season 1 Looked Like A Warm Up Because… Is Season 2 In The Making?

When the makers pre-plan seasons of any series, the first season often looks like a warm up. The story didn’t move ahead much in season 1 making it not-so-worthy of your time. In the trailer, Half Love Half Arranged hinted at Karan Wahi and Manvi Gagroo’s relationship to be about love in an arranged setting but that is not the case here. Though their families are on the hunt for a right match for them, they do not exactly meet for marriage. 

The show becomes interesting only when Karan Wahi comes on the screen but unfortunately, even after being one of the main characters, he is, kind of, doing a guest appearance in season 1 which is disappointing.

Half Love Half Arranged reminded me of Pushtie Shakti and Viraf Patel starrer Mahi Way. Three friends, complicated love life, mother being in a hurry to get her daughter married and many more sub-plots were similar to Sony’s show. It was in many ways also similar to Amazon miniTV’s other show, Who’s Your Gynac? Again, three friends – two girls and a guy in the group, the always irritated and agitated pregnant female friend, the Doctor protagonist who delivers the best friend’s baby, etc. 

What was refreshing in the show was Grusha Kapoor – seeing her after so long on the screen made me wonder why don’t we see her often on the screen. She is flawless!

To conclude, Half Love Half Arranged offers nothing new to the audience. That doesn’t mean you just have to skip it. If you haven’t watched Mahi Way or Who’s Your Gynac yet, you can give it a shot. It’s a one-time watch without any second thoughts but would be a good time pass while travelling or if you have nothing else to do on the weekend.

P.S: If you have watched Half Love Half Arranged Season 1 and are waiting for season 2 of the show, let me tell you that season 2 release dates are not out yet.

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