Who’s Your Gynac Review: It’s A Lovely Show! Saba Azad Keeps You Hooked

I love the damsel in distress shows where the female protagonist rescues herself. And this is not about any traumatising or dangerous situation in particular but about navigating through daily life without giving up. I am not a very big fan of shows where everything is working out in the lives of the male or female lead because that is then, fiction. 

Who’s Your Gynac is about a young OB (obstetrician), Vidushi Kothari, who has started her own clinic and is struggling to find cases. All she has in her clinic is a nurse Violet with 20 years experience who doesn’t take this fresher Dr seriously. To worsen it for her, Vidushi’s best friend, Swara also doesn’t trust the B with her pregnancy and tries to hire an experienced, popular Dr for her pregnancy care. 

Luckily, for Vidushi, things start to work out when a young, unmarried girl visits her to confirm her pregnancy. Being very young, she panics and calls Vidushi late at night requesting to meet her. That is when Swara decides that she will hand over her case to a Dr who cares about her patients and will be available throughout her pregnancy journey.

Things slowly but surely start looking good for Vidushi from there. It’s not that her clinic then gets flooded with patients but she starts getting some experience individually. That’s Who’s Your Gynac for you – simple and sweet! 

Speaking of simple and sweet, that’s Saba Azad for you in the show. After watching her as Dr Vidushi Kothari, I can’t imagine anyone else in this role. The innocence that she has brought to this character makes this show worth watching. 

Honestly, TVF shows are so simple that you can’t actually tell the story. They just are episodics that make you fall in love with your daily life challenges. This is one of those TVF shows.  

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