Jaane Jaan Review: Intense and Interesting In The Beginning, Drishyam In The Middle, Madness In The End

Jaane Jaan Netflix Film Review

Just like Sweet Kaaram Coffee, I really loved the beginning of Jaane Jaan. It promised a new story, something that would keep you glued to the TV screen but as the story moved forward, the writer didn’t understand how to handle such an intense plot and hence tried to give it an intellectual crime thriller twist. Unfortunately, for me, the makers have failed to do so. 

What’s The Story Of Kareena Kapoor Starrer Jaane Jaan? 

The story opens with Naren, a Maths teacher, played by Jaideep Ahlawat, having a huge crush on a single mother, Maya D’Souza (played by Kareena Kapoor). We see him visit her daily in the cafe where she works, to buy lunch, his regular special egg fried rice.

Immediately after a few scenes, we are introduced to Ajit, Maya’s ex-husband, who has managed to find her after 14 years. The way the story progresses, we get to know that Maya has been running away from her toxic husband – for so long that he didn’t even know they have a daughter. The dark side of this relationship comes to the light when these characters reveal that Ajit and Maya were a normal couple, who have had a love marriage, till the day he forced her into nightclub dancing. 

Now that Ajit is trying to return into Maya D’Souza’s life, we see that he is still a terror for Maya. Things take an uglier turn when he says that Tara, their daughter, is now becoming a woman and can be used for other purposes. In an attempt to save each other, Maya and Tara end up murdering Ajit. 

I won’t give away the full story but this is when the actual story begins. The sad part is that here is where it starts falling flat. Maya’s past, her escape, the return of her husband, and her fight to save her daughter really starts growing on you when the tracks end abruptly and the movie starts serving you ‘already-seen in this and that movie’ and ‘somewhat predictable’ storylines. 

Moving ahead, we see Vijay Verma enter the story as the investigating officer. Where Jaideep Ahlawat (Naren) and Vijay Verma (Anand) are college time friends who have reunited after years, we see kind-of a love triangle forming between the trio which keeps us guessing different plot twists till the very end. 

Now, who killed Ajit isn’t a mystery here. The only high point in the story was the end – the way they twist the narrative. For me, it was uninteresting and crazy. Naren, who has been helping Maya to hide the murder and give her a script to tell the investigating officer with proof to save her, willingly, becomes the accused at the end. 

Naren, who is obsessed with Maths, looks at the murder and its investigation as a Maths problem and comes up with his own unique solution. Suddenly, Naren starts behaving like a psychopath and also, proves it with his actions, especially the extra murder that he commits to save the real murderer. In all of this mess, Vijay Verma starts looking like a fool, a brainless cop who is least interested in his job and will buy anything the criminal tries to sell him. 

As the movie is based on the Japanese novel, The Devotion of Suspect X and even if the story is exactly the same, I wouldn’t even want to read this book to understand whether justice had been made. 

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