Taali Review: A Huge Disappointment

Imagine you are at a bookstore. You pick a book because you liked the cover, then you read its summary and instantly fall in love with it. You can’t wait to get home and start reading the book. You read the first page anticipating that the story will begin soon – this is just the beginning, you tell yourself. You give it time because your hopes are still high. You keep turning the pages and realise that you have finished half the book yet all you have is the summary with just a few extra details. 

You want to give up at this point but then you remember the summary. That summary cannot have this as a story, you tell yourself. So, you continue to read the book. As you finish the story, you realise that summaries, too, can be misleading.

Taali is a book with a sellable storyline which is is poorly written. 

As you know, Talli is based on Shreegauri Sawant, a transgender. The web series, though in the very beginning, claims to be different and shares the story you haven’t read or heard of, on Google, TV, or any publications, it tells you nothing new about Gauri Sawant. The series also clearly states that they are focusing on Gauri Sawant’s journey of becoming a mother. We all know that Gauri Sawant adopted a girl child, Gayatri, in 2008 after her mother passed away. This, in itself, is an extraordinary story in our country, forget the rest. When the makers make the transgender’s motherhood the USP of the series, what makes them think that it’s ok not to have just a scene or two about the lady and her daughter? There are so many things in the movie that make you question certain things – not in the wrong way but a few questions do pop their heads only because you are served a half-baked story assuming that people will look for answers on Google. 

Taali, the entire web series looks like a poor attempt to sell something else – like a book that has complete details about this larger than life personality. It was a kind of advertisement that was trying to redirect somewhere else. Honestly, even that wouldn’t be successful. After watching Taali, do you want to read more about Gauri Sawant? No, because the series bores you to death and you want nothing more of it. It fails to even evoke curiosity about the personality.

Sushmita Sen’s Taali, truly, is a huge disappointment.  

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  1. Rubbish review. It was fabulous acting and portrait of Shree Gauri Sawant. It isn’t a hard push to sell anything. Sushmita isn’t a fool to let anyone down when dealing with such a sensitive subject. She has outdone herself as an actor and it was a beautiful series. Kudos and respect. Don’t spread this unnecessary paid anti subject propaganda

  2. I am not agree with your comments given above rather the Taali is an outstanding web series with stunning performance by Shusmita Sen. The series represents the struggle, emotions, rights and finally success. It nowhere misleading.

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