Tarla Review: The Makers Slow-Cooked A Wrong Recipe

One of the grave mistakes Zee5’s Tarla, the movie did was that even though the couple, Tarla and her husband, Nalin Dalal were growing old, their children’s age did not change. How can anyone in the cast and crew not realise this? Anyway, now you know how authentic is this movie based on the real life story of the renowned chef, Mrs Tarla Dalal. 

When we compare it to the real story, Tarla and Nalin Dalal had moved to the US after marriage where she kept experimenting with food giving birth to innovative dishes. But she cooked for her family, in-laws and kids. While in the movie, the couple is shown to be based in India itself. Given the changes the makers have made to the story, I doubt the genuinity of it. 

Again, Nalin Dalal is said to be the person who helped Tarla stand on her feet. In the movie, this track remains unchanged but was loss of job truly the reason why Nalin decided to publish Tarla Dalal’s first book or (in real life) was it the reason they moved from the US to India and that is why Tarla decided to start cooking classes at home we will never know as in the movie, the story is conveniently twisted.  

What I did not like about Tarla, the movie, is that many of the details are missing. For example, how young/old was Tarla when she started her cooking career? How many years did it take for her books to get popular? How long did she struggle or how popular was she when she first got her TV break? Was Sudhanshu Pandey, her co-host on the Cook It Up with Tarla Dalal truly a part of the crew? We all know that he was already a famous model and it was the duo’s cute banter that made the TV show popular. Then why was no importance given to his character? That’s unfair.

In the movie, Tarla is shown to have faced issues like no support from her family or the kid falling sick as she is not paying much attention to home and gets busy with her career but again, was it a true story or was drama added to the story to make it entertainment-friendly? 

This slow-moving, half-baked Tarla story isn’t tasty. Tarla Dalal, I am sure must have been an inspirational story, with or without struggles, but just to add a tadka to the story, the makers ruined it all. 

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