Yeh Meri Family Season 2 Review: Na Nostalgia Aaya, Na Maza Aaya

The moment Amazon and TVF announced that the cast has changed, we all knew something is going to be off with this season. Then came the trailer and we were sure that Yeh Meri Family Season 2 is not going to be anywhere close to Yeh Meri Family Season 1. 

But let’s not blame or compare the cast of two seasons here. The vibe of the show is not the same anymore because the writers and directors have changed here. While Yeh Meri Family Season 1 was written by Saurabh Khanna and Directed by Sameer Saxena, Yeh Meri Family Season 2 is written by Nikhil Sachan and Directed by Mandar Kurundkar. The cast has given their hundred percent to the show but if the writing and direction are off, actors cannot do much to save the show. 

It felt like both the writer and director are pressured to make a show that fits into TVF’s template or shall I say, it is made using a TVF stencil. Anything extra that goes out of that stencil was blown off. New characters, new season but a same show was a wrong thought to begin with. And if TVF wanted the same show, they should have brainstormed and creatively thought about the same characters’ journey that goes beyond the Summers of 90s. Because 90s kids are now adults and we have our own struggles. That is why we love reliving that era as the 90s meant fun and a good, tension-free life. A life or the last era before technology introduced mental chaos in life. 

There was so much to explore if the same writer and director would have written Yeh Meri Family Season 2 keeping the same cast and characters in mind. Unfortunately, this old formula didn’t work in the new team’s favour. 

Since Yeh Meri Family Season 2 is available for free on Amazon miniTV app, you can definitely watch the show but do not have high expectations from it. 

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Streaming On: Amazon miniTV app

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