Yeh Meri Family Season 1: Revisiting 90s Summer Vacation

When Yeh Meri Family first released, The Digital Popcorn did not exist. With time, this show, though one my favourites from the time when web series were still a new concept, took a backseat as OTT bloomed quickly giving us new shows and films almost every day.

Recently, I thought of watching and featuring all of those shows again but Yeh Meri Family which was streaming on Netflix earlier was taken down. I couldn’t find the show anywhere else, not on TVF’s YouTube channel or their app, TVF Play (looks like the app isn’t active anymore). But now that Yeh Meri Family Season 2 is about to be released, I thought it would be a good idea to feature it here. This was long due. 

So, here’s the fun part. Yeh Meri Family Hai is back on Amazon miniTV and I watched it again. Revisiting the summer of the 90s in May 2023 was so much fun. This series has a vibe. And that vibe is of nostalgia. 

Yeh Meri Family, effortlessly, transports you to the best time of your life, school ke summer vacation. It’s kind of time travelling, you know. Only TVF can do that without any technology and heavy machinery that we see filmy scientists use to make people go backward or forward in time. 

When people were still actively using Facebook, a few posts bringing back the memories of 90s had gone viral – kismi chocolates, swad candy, walkman, cassettes, pepsi cola, brick games, and whatnot! Yeh Meri Family is all of that packed in one 7-episode series. No, other than a walkman, they don’t have any of it but the feel and the ‘feel-good’ factor is exactly the same. 

How aptly have they shown Mom’s wake-up technique – turning off the fan or organising a birthday party at home so that the kids stay at home, safe – right in front of her eyes. Or Dad becoming your hero after her proves his mettle once again. Or the first time you realise that life would not be the same without your sibling around – to harass you and when it’s time, to protect you. I really look up to TVF writers for the way they make ordinary life look so extraordinary, so beautiful. 

Each episode is a trip down the memory lane. And a smile throughout is guaranteed. The characters are so well-crafted that every single person can see their mother, father, or sibling in these characters. And the best friend, Shanky.. If you haven’t had Shanky in your growing up days, was it even a teenage? Unlucky are people who were not blessed with an over-smart and know-it-all friend like this adorable cutie. 

Speaking of Shanky, what a beautiful performance this child actor, Prasad Reddy has delivered – so casual and effortless. Like my sister said while watching him on-screen, it feels like he is the Director of the show, just look at his confidence. That indeed is true. His confidence is applaud-worthy. 

Not just Prasad Reddy, the entire cast was flawless and relatable. May it be Mona Singh, Akarsh Khurrana or Ahan Nirban. But wait! The child actors steal the show. Vishesh Bansal is a superstar, we all know that. I don’t know if this was his debut series but this gave him the much-deserved fame and attention. The best part about him is his innocence. Nowhere does he come across as arrogant even in the scenes where it could have looked like it. His frustration, in fact, looks adorable. 

If you think that’s all, you are mistaken. The real performer and star of this show is Ruhi Khan, the little girl who played Dhwani. She’s cuteness overloaded. 

All in all, it’s a fabulous show and I cannot wait for season 2. 

Amazon miniTV has already announced Yeh Meri Family Season 2 but the exact date is not out yet. But it’s under the Mother’s Day Edition poster so I am assuming that it will come out somewhere around this Sunday but there are no recent promotional or announcement posts for the show. So, let’s wait and watch. You never know, someday the show might just pop up on the Amazon miniTV app. 

UPDATE: Yeh Meri Family season 2 is releasing on 19th May, on Amazon miniTV app.

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