Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar: It’s Not A Review! It’s A Petition To Stop Streaming This Film On Netflix (And Not Release It On Any Other OTT Platform)

If you, like me, have been a Luv Ranjan fan ‘in the past’, do not watch Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar. You will lose all respect for this guy. He has put no effort into making this film. Forget about the story, even the frame of a few scenes is similar to that of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. Remember, the terrace or gallery, whatever you would like to call it) scene where Kartik Aryan is seen screaming at the top of his lungs out of frustration? You will find similar frames in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar movie. You may feel I am over-exaggerating but even some of the costumes remind you of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. One example is of the black kurta that Ranbir Kapoor is seen wearing in the engagement scene. I don’t know if it’s the same that Kartik Aryan wore in the wedding scene but it looks just the same. 

When it comes to repetition, I cannot not mention the couch scene between Nushrat Bharucha and Ranbir Kapoor. Again, the frame and the vibe of this entire scene is similar to the couch scenes in Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. After a point, it gets annoying as it feels like you are simply watching a cheap copy of a hit film. Even the style of dialogue delivery is the same. 

The story is pointless as well but we will come to that later. What breaks my heart is that Ranbir Kapoor has lost his charm. I am not talking about his looks but his screen presence here. In all of his latest movies, he has come across as the same person and that person is annoying as hell. It looks like he is simply not interested in his characters anymore. He just shows up, does what the director tells him, reads his script, takes money, and goes back home. I wonder if he even watches himself on the screen anymore. Because someone who loves his work would never repeatedly deliver disastrous performances. His loud comedy is enough to make you feel suicidal. And honestly, why should Ranbir Kaboor try to become Kartik Aryan? Can we call it a Director’s fault? Because it looks like he was the one trying to recreate the magic of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, no one else. 

Then comes Shraddha Kapoor, who was always a pro at acting. There is this scene where she breaks down and asks Ranbir Kapoor to stop her from leaving. Even child actors cry better than her. Watch Vishesh bansal and Ashlesha Thakur in their respective series. Or the little kid, Vedant Sinha who played Manoj Bajpapyee’s son in The Family Man. What fine performances! And here we have full grown-ups performing like this, giving you migraines every now and then. 

Coming to the story of Tu Jhoothi Man Makkar, it’s, as I said above, pointless. Luv Ranjan might have felt that just like Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, an unexpected and emotional twist in the end would save a bad film but here, even that twist cannot be digested. Telling us the importance of joint family without showing us the emotional connect or bond between the family? The whole film is wasted on trying to convince the audience how what Ranbir and Shraddha’s characters are doing in the film is love. Seriously? That was all chichorapan. There was not an ounce of love in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar, may it be between the family members or this so-called couple. 

The concept, the pros and cons of a joint family, could have truly made this film a wonderful watch if the writer/director would have tried something new. It’s true that a joint family has both sides and the one who grows up seeing the positive side of it will never venture out. And the one who grows up seeing the negative side of it will never want to lose his/her identity for a bunch of people who lack individuality. But it was never meant to be. Or may be it was always meant to be, A TORTURE. 

Netflix should just take down Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar. In fact, Luv Ranjan should completely erase this film from his portfolio. Only then can he move on in life. 

Whenever a film is a theatrical release, I try to cover questions like where to watch this film online or on which OTT platform is it streaming or how to download Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar but this time, I have only one answer – for God’s sake, don’t watch Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar anywhere in this world. No matter where it is streaming – today on Netflix, tomorrow somewhere else, or wherever it is available for download, don’t risk your life for this film. It’s not worth it. 

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