Don Cutting Marathi Film Series Review: Here’s What Beautiful Writing Looks Like

Don Cutting 3 has recently released but in this review, we will talk about all three parts of this film series. The first part was a 17-minute short film, the second part was 44-minutes long, and the third is a web film of 52-minutes. This shows the progression of the story. 

So, what exactly is Don Cutting about? It’s about two individuals, Kunal and Anvita, who meet for marriage in an arranged set up. Kunal, who is an artist, is against meeting anyone for marriage as he is convinced he cannot be an ideal husband given his financial circumstances. Not just the finances, he is also convinced that the way he likes to live his life, no girl will ever be able to adjust with it. But Anvita likes his attitude and decides to spend time with him. They fall in love and marry each other. 

What happens next, that is in Don Cutting Part 2, is interesting to watch. Anvita becomes overprotective of her husband and tries to become the mother he lost while he was still a kid. Not only does her ‘maternal love’ for him gets strong, she also starts over-prioritising him which leads to Anvita disregarding her own needs. Her ‘your wish is my command’ eventually begins to annoy Kunal as every conversation turns into Anvita noticing something Kunal wants or ever wanted and then gifting it to them – starting from a simple thalipeeth and ending with a car. Though your heart keeps breaking for Anvita as Kunal stops appreciating her efforts, eventually you side with him.  To know what happens next, you will have to watch Don Cutting 2. 

In Don Cutting 3, Anvita hasn’t changed at all. She is still prioritising Kunal over everything else. This time, even over her own emotional well-being. In this instalment, you even start questioning how much love is actually enough. What are the healthy boundaries one should set when it comes to love, or any emotion for that matter but love is one emotion that we never consider toxic. What you learn in this beautifully written series of films is that love can also get toxic, not always for another person but for the one who is over-loving and over-giving.

All I can tell you about part 3 is that Anvita and Kunal are pregnant. It’s a new phase of their life but as they say, life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. Life takes an ugly turn and we see a new bird, unexpectedly, fly into these love birds’ nest. By now, you might have guessed how Anvita would react. But it is not what it seems. The writer has once again given an unconventional twist to the story keeping the theme of over-loving or over-giving in mind. 

Make sure you watch all the parts of Don Cutting, if you haven’t watched already. You will enjoy it. 

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