Chikatgunde Season 2 Episode 1 Review: It’s A Slow Start

Chikatgunde Season 1 was released on YouTube. Chikatgunde Season 2 is out on Planet Marathi. In fact, the first season has also been moved to Planet Marathi app from YouTube. So, if you are going to YouTube for season 2, you will be disappointed. 

If you remember the first season, there were episodes about different couples who are either locked together or separately in the lockdown. Season 2 is different. The stories, though still have their own identities, they are intertwined. One of the spouses/partners of each couple works together.  These colleagues are now out on a work trip, with their spouses of course. 

Chikatgunde Season 2 starts with Abha and Kartik (played by Shruti Marathe and Sarang Sathaye), the couple who discussed the concept of open marriage as well as the beauty of monogamy last time. But they failed to impress in the first episode of season 2 as they discuss pregnancy and life after baby. The couple is still confused whether they really want a baby as the expenses and loss of freedom after the birth of a child scare them to hell. 

The entire episode revolves around the couple trying everything they can to get pregnant but yet, secretly wishing that they don’t. Everything is alright with the story but when it comes to performances, the emotions are not portrayed well. At some places, where the conversations are light and regular, it still feels ok. But when the situation gets emotionally tense, Sarang and Shruti’s portrayal of Abha and Kartik look dull. They do not look involved in the characters. 

This is still the first episode and the intensity of their relationship and situation both are yet to progress. Maybe, it’s too early to judge. So, let’s wait and watch for the release of episode 2 which will come out next Friday, that is on 21st April 2023. 

As more characters come back on the show and their stories unfold, only then will we be able to tell how Chikatgunde Season 2 turns out – whether it is better than season 1 or not up to the mark. 

Streaming On: Planet Marathi

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