Gutar Gu Amazon miniTV Web Series Review: One Of The Best Love Stories Of Today’s Time

Two very talented child actors of OTT and now the cast of Gutar Gu, Vishesh Bansal of Yeh Meri Family and Ashlesha Thakur of The Family Man fame have come together once again (after Gupt Gyaan) for the Amazon miniTV series, Gutar Gu. Trust me, these teenagers are better actors than many grown-up so-called stars of today. 

We have seen their acting skills in their previous shows but with Gutar Gu, they have once again proved that they are here to stay. The series is, undoubtedly, worth your time but still, watch it for this duo and the way they are beautifully transforming from child actors to stars of tomorrow.

Coming to Gutar Gu, Amazon miniTV’s web series, it takes you back to the good old 90s. No, not the story but remember how we used to forget the ups and downs of our own lives while watching Hip Hip Hurray, Hum Paanch, or Tu Tu Main Main?  Gutar Gu does the same. It makes you reminisce about the past by bringing back the memories of school life and most importantly, the bitter-sweet memories of first love. In one word, Gutar Gu is “NOSTALGIA.” 

The best part about this series is that it, at least in the first season, doesn’t call the first love infatuation. I always look at couples who have been together since they were kids and wonder why people call the childhood love attraction to the opposite sex due to hormonal changes that we go through in our teenage years. Ofcourse, that cannot be denied but that is not the only truth. May it be teenage, mid 20s, late 30s, or early 40s.. Or even in the 60s, love is love. When you find the right companion, the search ends irrespective of age and gender. 

Gutar Gu is the series that will set things right for the coming generation. May it be web series or TV shows or movies, love is shown only as physical/sexual attraction between two people. But this show, even after being a story of teenagers, speaks of love. There is a dialogue where Amit Bhaiya asks Anuj (Vishesh Bansal) whether he has kissed Ritu (Ashlesha Thakur) yet and he says that theirs is ‘pure love’ and doesn’t have to be sealed by a kiss. This is the true essence of Gutar Gu. 

As the series did not actually end when we speak of the story, I am hoping that Gutar Gu season 2 is already planned by the makers. If yes, it will be one of the best gifts from Amazon to teenagers because honestly, we don’t have many Indian shows for the age group. They need more series like these. 

For people who are still wondering, yes, Amazon miniTV app is free. Gutar Gu can hence be streamed on the Amazon app free of cost. You can get more details like how to download Amazon miniTV app here.

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