Reconnect Marathi Short Film Review: A Heart-Warming Film About Reconciliation

After a long time, I stumbled upon a feel-good love story. Stories about separation and reconciliation usually feel the same as they carry the same emotion with them. But Reconnect is refreshing, in terms of writing and performances. 

This marathi short film makes the ordinary story of two strangers struggling in Mumbai, in their own ways, so extraordinary. Let me tell you why and how. 

Has it ever happened to you, especially when you were a kid, that you felt lost in a crowd? This might be during school gatherings or while travelling by train with family where you feel like you don’t belong here or unnecessarily, you feel lost as there is a huge chunk of unknown people surrounding you for the first time. And then, you see a familiar face in the crowd. It’s your Mom or Dad and you suddenly feel at home again. You know you have found a place in those people that make you feel at home, no matter where you are. 

Reconnect brings back that same warmth and feeling of belongingness. Though, the two ex-lovers in the film find that warmth and belongingness again in life after the chance meeting, feeling that warmth as audience is what makes Reconnect special. 

There is a lot I can say about story and performances, writing or direction but I think sometimes, when everything falls in place together, that is when something so beautiful comes to life. It’s teamwork. So, a big round of applause to the entire team for bringing to life a love story that warms our hearts. 

Since it’s a short film, I will keep this review short. As always, I don’t want to give away the story but want you to watch it yourself. 

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