Gaslight 2023 Movie Review: Issued In Public Interest – By The End Of Gaslight, You Will Be Diagnosed With Depression, Anxiety And Panic Disorder; Yet You Will Find Yourself ROFLing

I didn’t want to lose mental balance so I gave up right in the middle of the film when suddenly a character from Aahat showed up. 

I mean, seriously, that black lady was a laugh riot. I don’t want to be harsh but once you watch this film, you wonder can the writer/director’s license be cancelled? Ask the Mass Media students to write a film and they will, while still in college, win awards for their work. But Gaslight is what we get to watch on a streaming platform like Disney+ Hotstar. No wonder they are in the news every other day (these days, not for good reasons). I sometimes feel that the team meets everyday and wonders what should be the next disaster? All they do is make bad decisions, the next one is always better than the other. 

Coming back to Gaslight, it’s a bad, oops sorry, it has no story. To make it worse, you see Sara Ali Khan trying her best to bring some lines on her face to emote. As usual, she drastically fails. 

In all honesty, I dared to watch Gaslight only because it has Vikrant Massey. I had full faith in his selection of films but this truly turned out to be a disaster. Nightmare would be a better word. Speaking of the film, nothing happened in the one hour that I watched. It was only Sara Ali Khan and a dark haveli with weird characters popping up here and there. Everyone had a Ramsay touch to them. 

Gaslight cannot even be called a bad film. I am still so in shock that I am not able to find the right words to describe it. I mean, how can anyone write what this guy, Pavan Kirpalani, has written? That black lady was hilarious. It wasn’t horror. Expect us to either laugh at it or cry at what we put ourselves through but please don’t expect us to be scared of this. There were other people in the film who were enough to make us scream with their acting skills (if you know what I mean). 

Let’s end this review here because if they couldn’t do anything in a two-hour long film, what can we do about it? But that lady in black… I still have tears in my eyes. 

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar


  1. I would better stay away from it. i had a disturbing experience watching Blur on Zee5. I would watch some old suspense movie instead.

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