SK Sir ki Class Finale Review: How I Wish This Would Have Been An 8-Hour Long Series! This Mini Series Is Abruptly Cut Short

SK Sir Ki Class episode 3, Karmyuddh released at 5:30 PM and not at 12. This is upsetting because I have been waiting for it since 12 PM as that is when the second episode was released. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Oh, did I just tell you the ending of SK Sir Ki Class? Oh yes, I did. 

In the finale, SK Sir finally hands over the other two tasks. In the second task, he has to interview two other aspirants which will be used as testimonials in SK Sir’s upcoming book. The intention behind this task is to make Ashish talk to fellow aspirants and also, if possible, make some friends. The third task is to interview an old aspirant. 

The high point of SK Sir Ki Class finale episode is the interview with an old aspirant. If you have watched the previous episodes, you can guess who this aspirant is. It’s none other than Ashish’s father, Charanjeet Arora. Since everything revolves around this conversation Ashish has with his father in presence of SK Sir, I won’t get into its details but this turns out to be life-changing for Ashish. He still doesn’t know what he wants to be or want to do in life but all he knows now is that he won’t quit things in between. He will complete the task he has undertaken. So he takes back the job he had quit and completes the app with his friend, Raghav. Here, TVF has taken the liberty to give us a glimpse of Metaverse. That is what Ashish and Raghav created in the show, a Metaverse app. 

Though this mini series was good, it should have been a little longer for the subject it has chosen. I haven’t watched Aspirants but SK Sir Ki Class looked like a franchise opened in the outskirts of the city just so that people get the hang of the outlet and before any of the competitors open an eatery there, residents already know who to go to for that pizza or burger. They never meant to create something original and outstanding. Their only purpose was to stay at the top of their audience’s mind and not be out of the sight for long. Maybe because ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

SK Sir Ki Class, if turned into a full-fledged series would have expressed itself better and not looked filmy in the end. There were many layers to the story, many emotions that needed slow peeling to get to the first layer for a change of heart or a change of mind of the characters involved. For now, it looks like SK Sir Ki Class was hastily made, just for the sake of making something. Having said that, it’s still a TVF show and can definitely be binge-watched as finally, with the finale season, all episodes of SK Sir Ki Class are now released and we don’t have to wait for next Tuesday to learn about SK Sir’s next task or whether Ashish be able to figure out what to do in life. 

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