Pulse Short Film Review: If You Are Fed Up Of Life, Will You Be Comfortable Choosing Death? Pulse Says, NO!

I watched this short film a few months before my Mom passed away so I could relate with every bit of this story. And I am sure after Covid, ninety nine percent of the world will. 

We all went through traumatising times when people close to us started falling sick and with absolutely no medical history, they left us, just like that. Fit and fine, hale and hearty, we had so much life to be lived together, so many plans for the future. Everything, unexpectedly, went down the drain. We were left wondering what next? How do we move ahead in this journey without them? Life seemed unfair. 

The cases of depression and suicide were also at an high during Covid-19 lockdown. We were going through a lot emotionally and mentally and yet, we had no one to share our fears with. While some people, like me, were blessed to have had the best time of life during covid, some people were actually thinking of ending their lives. Pulse is their story. 

People who lost their loved ones and to make it worse, were left alone to grieve. At times like these, we start to question life and our purpose of living. When the hollowness within fails to give appropriate answers that would make us want to hold on to life, we think of extreme measures. That is what Rajat does in Pulse. He gives up on life and waits for death. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, that day comes! A day comes when he almost leaves his body but what happens next? Rajat, at this point, is all of us. When death calls, we run away as far as we can. We close the doors as tight as we can. We believe we can escape it and live on forever. But life doesn’t let us decide what we do with it. Still, we make choices and may it be out of fear or love for life, we always end up running towards life. When death calls, we with all honesty fall in love with life, wanting to give it one last try. That is when we learn to live, till death chooses us. 

This might sound a little scary and depressing but when you watch Pulse, you will find a positive twist in there. I won’t deny the fact that it gets a little suffocating at times. Mostly because the memories of those times are still fresh. I still suggest you watch Pulse. Who knows it might just help you heal? 

You might finally be able to let everything that was killing you inside, die and choose life over everything else. 

There is a lot I could have said in this review about performances, about the look and feel of the film, what could have been better but I will leave it here as some stories should simply be lived with the storytellers.

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