Olakh Short Film Review: I Bet You Can’t Guess The End

There are very few films that don’t let you guess the story till the very end. Olakh is one of those films. 

If you are among the many who have moved to a new city all alone.to turn your wildest dreams into reality, BEWARE! Because this film is going to unlock a new fear for you.

You might not be able to trust anyone you meet on this new journey of yours after watching Olakh and to be honest, that is how it should be when you let someone in, for whatever reason, in your personal life. 

You know that I don’t like to reveal the story of short films because their twists is what makes them stand out. Still, to give you a gist of it, Olakh is about Chetana who has moved to a new city to pursue her dreams. While it’s been just 4 days, she gets a call from her aunt asking her to adjust and accommodate Raji for one night as she is moving to Dubai to take up the job of a nurse. 

The next day, while Chetana is away, Raji gets a phone call from her Manager. You never get to know what the Manager told her. It’s up to you to interpret even though Raji tells us and Chetna her version of the call. What happens next is unimaginable and shocking. 

Kudos to the writer, Samved Galegaonkar, for giving us such a ‘hatke’ story. And yes, a big round of applause to the Director, Prateek Patil, for executing it so well. Bad direction would have easily ruined it, making you question a lot of things. But it’s his storytelling skill that did justice to Samved’s writing. 

Talking about Krutika Deo, I remember from another short film, Delivery Girl. I am shocked that she can be this brutal with such a cute face. 

There are so many good short films releasing back to back on different platforms that we should simply ditch web series, films and start watching only short films now. They are more sensible, entertaining, and creative than long form content. 

So, here’s another recommendation from me. Make sure you watch the film and tell me in the comments what you think of it. 

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