Chhoti Si Baat Short Film Review: Open Ended Stories Are The Best Stories

Chhoti Si Baat is a simple story about a school-going boy, Shiv, who is ashamed of where he lives and where he comes from. This is something we all have been through in our childhood where we keep comparing ourselves to our friends and then, look down upon ourselves. This can be with regards to our grades, the snacks that Mom gives us in the tiffin box or the way we speak and behave. In childhood, our comparisons are simple and our insecurities, baseless. But as you grow up and look back at those insecurities, you realise that the ones that turned out to be true or where the society treated you the way you imagined they would (for your flaws), it defined you and your character. More than your upbringing, your childhood friends and experiences shape you. These experiences stay with you forever which is why when you become a parent, your entire life revolves around providing your child with what you did not get in your childhood. For some, it could be about being able to buy certain food items; for some, it could be as simple as enrolling in a sport; for others, it could be going to school on a bicycle. Shiv’s story, hence, whether you agree or not, is your childhood story. 

The boy who is always lying about his status and way of living to his friends gets caught off-guard when his best-friend visits his chawl during Ganesh Chaturthi. Shiv starts fearing being bullied by his classmates and getting disowned by his bestie the next day. This is where the story takes a u-turn. 

We have all come across one such friend in different stages of our lives where they accept us with our flaws, with our lies and our shortcomings. Forget about letting others know about these shortcomings, they don’t even mention it to us. But this twist, just like Shiv, leaves you a little shocked about what just happened. How many of us take note of people who unconditionally accept us for who we are? How many of us make a mountain out of molehill when the world around us doesn’t even care to notice where we come from and where we intend to go? Chhoti Si Baat asks you whether it is all always in the mind…

And since it is an open ended story, watch this short film and let me know what you think of it. What could have been the exact scenario or what will unfold next? Reimagine it! 

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