Soul-Kadhi Marathi Short Film Review: Creative Storytelling At Its Best

I accidently stumbled upon this film and I am so glad I did. After such a long time, I saw a right blend of creativity and sensible storytelling. There are very few stories that have layers that, if and when peeled, gives you something new and something very beautiful to uncover every time. Soul-Kadhi is one of such rare films. 

It’s a soul-stirring concept, quite literally. If I had to tell you the story in one line, I would say it’s about a trapped soul who is awaiting salvation. But as the movie ends and the trapped soul tastes freedom for the first time, you know this film is giving you lessons beyond life and death. 

It talks about a woman’s love on many levels – from a wife’s love and sacrifices for her husband to a mother’s love for her son. Oh wait, or should I say, it’s just about motherly love? If you observe the events in the story, you will realise that it speaks about a mother’s love which is not limited to her son. Slowly but surely, it takes a more pure, friendly yet an intense turn when it comes to her daughter-in-law. 

Though the film revolves around pitru paksha, it also breaks the stereotypes. Towards the end, it makes you question whether all these traditions and the stories we are told about them really tell us the truth. 

I would have loved to get to the depth of the story but in doing so, I might end up telling you more than what is required. So, let’s end this review here but as I launch the podcast next year, I will try my best to peel many layers of this story. I will try to analyse it and if possible, also talk about ‘symbolism’ in soul-kadhi. Till then, a big round of applause to Sameeha Sabnis for thinking of, writing, and then executing a concept as creative, complex, and as sensible as Soul-Kadhi. 

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