Jamtara 2 Review: From An Intelligent Scam To Just Another Political Drama – Jamtara Lost Its Essence

On the political front, what does Jamtara offer that other political dramas don’t? Nothing! I am disheartened that one of my favourite series that had so much on its platter for the audience eventually offered politics. What is more disappointing is that the series moved its focus from its main characters – Sunny, Gudiya, Rocky, and Briesh Bhan to god knows where. Though the story still revolves around these characters, you don’t get enough of them. 

Where did Jamtara 2 go wrong? When they introduced other scammers who were simply Brijesh Bhan’s employees. These people are simply a herd that have been following someone else’s lead. In Jamtara season 1, we saw the leader himself. Though a scammer, he was intelligent. He was running a business that shook the entire nation. That intelligence and leadership was missing in season 2. 

This time’s plot was simple. Jamtara 2 is a revenge story where Gudiya is determined to finish Brijesh Bhan. When a common girl pledges to destroy a politician who has already destroyed her reputation and her husband’s so-called business, this should have been a fast-paced story full of smart moves and brilliant twists. What we felt about Brijesh Bhan in the last season, we should have felt about Gudiya in this season. She should have been scary and vengeful but in a way where the audience support her. I missed the fear and anxiety Jamtara instilled in us.

Unfortunately, in this season, the story never picks up the pace. It feels like Gudiya is comfortable where she is and will plan her next move when destiny pushes her to do so next. 

This time, I was expecting to watch more of the changing dynamics between Sunny and Gudiya and the bond either improving or worsening between Sunny and his brother, Rocky. It was all there but like coriander used for garnishing, sprinkled on top just for the sake of it. If the story would have revolved around characters and not a theme, it would have been an excellent watch. 

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