Blonde Netflix Film: It’s Not A Review

Before I begin, I would like to issue a warning here. Blonde is not for everyone. It is dark and can trigger negative emotions. If you have been battling anxiety, depression or any other mental health related issues then it is best to avoid this film. Though I will try my best to keep this review away from darkness, you can choose to not read this post.

There have been heated discussions around this film, both due to the portrayal of Marilyn Monroe and also, due to John F Kennedy’s part in it.  

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe’s portrayal in the film, I honestly feel that biopics do no justice to the individual on whom the film is based on. Hence, biopics, after the death of that specific individual should not be allowed to be made. Though the film is based on the book, we will still not know the truth. Many times, we do not come to know the truth of the situation that unfolds right in front of our eyes, then how can we trust the authors or directors and writers of films who were not even a part of that particular celebrity’s life? 

If you watch Queen, the web series based on Jayalalitha or 200 Halla Ho and try to match what’s shown in these web series with the facts available online, you will realise that the films are fiction based on real stories and characters. So, I am not sure how much of what is shown in Marilyn Monroe is the story of her life.

And even if it is true, this film shouldn’t have been made. Even after her death, you are putting that female in a bad light. Telling the world about her traumatic childhood, how she was sexually abused by the powerful men, or how she was mentally unstable isn’t fair. Not now when she is gone. 

If she was mentally unstable, I pity the life she has lived and I am glad that it ended soon. No one deserves what she went through. There is one scene where her mother hits Norma Jeane (Marilyn Monroe) in the car when she asks about her father. That scene was horrifying and traumatising. When someone has gone through that kind of trauma in their childhood, the person is bound to be mentally unstable. Being used and abused because you have no family to protect and support you is cruelty. I cannot imagine what that young woman must have gone through when she sought her father in every man she loved and they turned abusive and assaulted her in every way they could. When you call her insane, you should first point a finger at every man in her life who made sure she never regains her mental stability. When you call her a slut, point a finger at every man who sexually assualted her. 

I wonder if what’s shown in the film is true, why aren’t the criminals behind bars when the world knew what was happening with her? Blonde doesn’t make me question the lady here but the society as a whole. How many women have we failed till now and how many more will we fail? Why doesn’t our conscience ever haunt her when lives have been tragically ending since we don’t even know when. 

Blonde also made me question why there are so many similar stories of top celebrities who were termed as mentally unstable? Why do they always get addicted to drugs and why do they always tragically end their lives? Is it a conspiracy? Is it made sure that they remain addicted to substances? Is there no one around who makes sure that they seek therapy and help? If the team is always by the side, do they never make sure that the right people know that this individual is on the verge of suicide? 

If they always commit suicide, why are they always so troubled? If they don’t, are they always killed?

There are a lot of questions that will haunt you after watching Blonde. Unfortunately, we will never get the answers.

The glam world is not so glam after all. 

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  1. One of the best reviews to come on digital popcorn. Marilyn Monroe is one of my favourite actresses and I have seen two biopics based on her life. She had a very disturbing childhood and was abused by many. Even her popularity and success as actress bought her depression. Everyone will emphasize with her life’s tragedy. The life of a celebrity is not as bright as we think. It is darker and depressive. I am keen to see this biopic soon.

    1. Thank you for the appreciation, Prashant. This is the first biopic on Marilyn Monroe that I have watched. I didn’t know it will be so haunting and disturbing. My heart breaks for her 💔

      1. Welcome Shreya. You should definitely checkout other biopics on Monroe – Norma Jean and Marilyn movie and Marilyn and me.

      2. Netflix has also started recommending other biopics but before I move on to the next, I need to first get over this 😅

        I will definitely watch the ones you have mentioned.

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