Good Morning Amazon miniTV Short Film Review: This Film Needed A Solid Performer, Neha Dhupia Isn’t One

There is nothing in this short film to talk about. It’s a simple thought – how women give equal attention to home and work, no matter at which position she is. She knows what’s happening in her kids’ life, her husband’s life, and is also taking care of her parents, even if they are far away. 

Good Morning was supposed to be a story of a leader who, at home, is still a homemaker. If I can put it this way, this character has nothing extraordinary to do in the film but this film still was an opportunity of a lifetime for an actor to prove his mettle. It only needed a change of emotions, that too not very frequently. It needed subtlety yet demanded to be expressive – at places, vocal and at places, silent. 

Neha Dhupia was never a good actress and casting her for such a powerful role was foolish. The thought was nice, the direction was good, but the performance? Clearly, not up to the mark. Dialogue delivery was robotic and face? Expressionless. 

Since, there is nothing much to talk about this film, I will wrap up this review here. If you want to watch short films on Amazon miniTV, watch Shimmy, Ek Jhalak – A Glimpse, Vakeel Babu, and Parde Mein Rehne Do instead. The platform is really doing good in terms of content, especially short films so we can ignore such tiny obstructions in the way to their success.

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